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Goodies, goodies, goodies!

Sometimes I forget to share some opshop goodies with you because I end up posting about something else, and I’m not quite sure if there is an etiquette to posting about recent oppy finds – how recent is recent? Is last week too long ago…? Do you really care what I picked up three weeks ago Tuesday?!

I’ve included one of these lost items in my recent treasures for your perusal, because it may very well be my favourite find so far this year.


Yesterday we had a brief fossick in the local oppies before lunch, and found some lovely things, a gorgeous BRIGHT ORANGE enamel pot $3, some sweet enamel cups that will be perfect for tea when camping $1, some elephant planters that I was considering painting but their cuteness has grown on me $2 & a massive pile of books I actually want to read that came in the form of a $5 bag worth.


The red party-ware was a weekend find when, dismayed with the dismal offerings at the Garage Sales, we went for a morning shop at the only oppy that’s open on Saturday. (Speaking of Saturday – Punky and I had the BEST time last Saturday, we did the garage sale rounds, had hotcakes & banana bread [ …and chai…] at MickeyD’s, went to the park, went to the oppy, had a yummy lunch & went to the pool for the afternoon… so much fun & one tuckered out little Punk…!)

Now for the little something I found a few weeks ago at an oppy about 30 mins away, for $2.

Thermo Top Jug

Isn’t it divine?! On the bottom it says ‘Thermo Top’ (It is a thermal jug) ‘Made In Western Germany’ & I can’t find out anything else about it – except that I love it to pieces. There is a method to my madness with regard to all the red kitchenware, I have big plans for our kitchen renovations, whenever they may be, and red kitschy goodness will feature throughout.

What manner of treasures have you unearthed lately? I’d love to hear about them, so would everyone hanging out with Sophie this week for Flea Market Finds!


  1. Nice lot of gorgeous you go there lady! I love the orange pot especially. I haven't been out to look for a while, I'm beginning to get anxious and in need of a fix.

    Oh, by the by...I'm ages late but I linked to My Place & Yours. But only because you wept ;)

  2. Guten Abend! :)

    First of all, I DO care about whatever you pick up at flea market/ garage sale/ op-shop trips. I like the things you pick up, and I would've bought most of the things, too.

    By the way, today I went to the oppy and found something I think you would like (especially le Punk, if she likes animals and stories). I promise I'll show it on my blog (coming soon...).

    Congratulations to your original German thermal jug! Undestroyable ;). Since it says "Made in WESTERN Germany", it has to be older than 20 years, but to me it looks like a 70's product. Those were very common here in those days, so no one would jump up and down and shout: "Look what I've got! Look what I've got!" at a flea market here in Germany ;). But you as an Aussie have to appreciate the worth of it :). Ahh, and I've got another tip for you: If you have to clean the jug, use those tablets you put your false teeth in for the night (I think it's called denture cleaner). Put boiling water and one tablet into the jug, and - magic! - all the dirt will vanish :).

  3. ohhh! I know.. Her Library Adventures has a weekly flea market find and I just haven't had any money so no finds for ages... would it be too lame to post something I bought last year?

    Love the red! The jug is amazing. Would love to see it in action.

  4. Lola - you get out there NOW (or, erm... when it's morning) & get thrifting woman... how do you LIVE?! Thanks for playing sweets, the crying always works.... ;)

    Gabi - Um... are you suggesting I have false teeth?! :)
    Thank you for your info, you are a star... I knew because of the Western bit it was from when, you know, there WAS a Western Germany, but they are seriously lacking on the internet... you would think there would be a pic or two if they are so common..! I love it sooooooo much, and it's in perfect nick too, so no need to raid gran's Medicine cabinet just yet... ;) Your latest found sounds intriguing! I'll keep an eye out!

    crzylady - Absoloutely share an old find, I know I would love to see it!

  5. Oh gosh, should I should be sharing my oppie finds on my blog too?

    Actually I think I might be a teeny tiny tad older than you cause some of the things you're so excited about (like brown pottery tableware) I actually had to eat off as a little lass. It always amuses me that you like them so much, but probably in the same way it amused my MIL that I take her old sheets lol.

    Oh and do keep telling us about your oppie adventures! I've love to bring home some of the stuff I find, but I can't possibly fit in another thing til my house is done.

  6. Or should that be should I should you would you should be?

    I think my brain has fallen out :)

  7. Come on, everyone can see that your teeth are just too bright =) - not even picnik could fix that, haha.

    Mh, as I look at it again, I believe the jug could be from the 80's... I don't know exactly, since I'm simply not old enough... However: It's red, it's got a big round belly, and you can make chai in it (and yes, tea bags are okay) :).

  8. loving that enamel orange pot!

  9. Oh what fabulous finds! Thanks so much for sharing and playing along. Really means alot. :) Those little elephants are just gorgeous! And all the orange is just wild. Love it!
    Sophie x

  10. SD - Yes you should! Share! Share now! ;)

    Gabi - Oh yes... picnik can do ANYTHING! ;) Thank you for saying chai teabags are okay, as I think so too, we shall be able to be friends...

    Sophie - Anytime my dear.. perhaps next week I might even manage it on Sunday... although... let's not get carried away with ourselves here...

  11. Oh my gosh, you got a comment from Gabi in Leipzip about your "Western German" pot, I like that.
    I say Mickie D's too, but people don't know what I am talking about- where does that come from.
    Good finds, well done!

  12. Yummy scrummy stuff indeed - top finds -especially love that saucepan - with a lid too! noice!

  13. love all your red things!!
    i love seeing ur finds, i never share mine either well sometimes i do but i guess when your like us vic, and op shop garage sale and market shop so much u forget about sharing hehe.,

    your kitchy kitchen will be amazing.
    mine is kitschy, but pink, not red, lots of pyrex, teacups, pink vinatge dishware, old utensils, and animal shaped things like salt shakers etc.
    ill have to take some pics or something!


  14. GOLD Vic Gold, love all your enamel ware so much, it actually hurts. And those elephant planters, you MUST NOT paint them, they are sooo cute. And that jug, I love it too.
    I think it's a sign I've not been myself this week re face mouth issues, as I passed up the oppy this week.
    ( I do really like those hotcakes at the evil Mcds)


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