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Well here I am, finally playing along with my own meme. You can still play too if you like, or even if you’re not playing, go here & check out some marvellous shoe type action, especially the latter links, as I always worry that those at the end of the list miss out on a bit of comment love, and there are some great contributions there, I assure you! It’s going to be a right pain in the backside picking a couple of favourites this week… Gypsy’s theme seems to have brought out the best in everybody!


Right, so I really wasn’t sure what to share since I’d already posted about my favourite shoes and whatnot, but as I’ve been running around everybody's spaces shouting things like “Oh I love cons too!” and boasting about a pair of pink ones that were destined to be mine from the moment they entered the oppy, I figured that a converse all stars post was probably in order.


I. Love. Cons. They are probably going to be the undoing of my Ethical Clothing Pledge, if I am ever in the wrong place at the wrong time. I have cheap’o versions, things I couldn’t pass up for the price, or presents from my Gran who was dismayed at the state of my beloved pair of red cons, but they just aren’t the same.


One thing I am rather proud of with regard to my con collection is that I didn’t pay full price for a single pair. As much as I love them, they are not something I can or would willingly pay $75 or more for. I can actually hear the sassy hi-heel lovers guffawing, wondering how on earth anyone could think that $75 is pricey for a pair of shoes, but wondering even more why anyone would want to wear these stinky sneakers in the first place…


I think most people who love cons have a love that was born in their teens and never dies… I wanted cons in my teens (Two words; Kurt. Cobain.), oh how I wanted them, but I didn’t actually get any until I was well out of home & found some on super special (before that it was all about the Doc Martens, and earlier, oddly, black desert boots.). That pair has long gone to the shoe box in the sky, but they were my gateway drug into all that is a perfect pair of Chucks….



  1. Oh the chucks! Timeless...
    I haven't owned any for such a long time, I'd love to get some for the kids, and me! If it wasn't for this pairing down of the shoes business. Yours are ACE!

  2. I'll be the fist to admit I've never owned a pair of converse *ducks for cover*! Although your collection is uber-cool Vic :) thanks for sharing!

  3. LOVE them! I am a sucker for a pair of converse myself. Every member of my family always have to have a pair that fits. And they are even being worn as school shoes this week (as you can see by my not so late now post!) X

  4. Vic, I think you are so right about getting bitten by the bug when you are a teen and never outgrowing it. That's me! I am going to have to farewell one of my most favourite pairs soon. Like they are just going to disintegrate while I am wearing them, they are that bad! I had another loved pair that I had to throw out a few years ago. I don't have near as many as I'd like. ATM I have some black hi tops, some cord lo tops, why do I think I might have a pair of black lo's hiding somewhere and soon my beloved new hitops will come in a package of stuff from my mom.

    When I was in high school, I used to wear ribbons laced into them. Fat grosgrain ribbon. Gosh that was a LONG time ago. :)

  5. Go Chucks. I bought a pair for Scott in America - we paid $40. I was shocked about how much they wanted for them here (so shocked I can't remember the price). I had my first pair when I was 17 - they were brown. I haven't had a pair for myself since (i do have a similar want-to-be chucks, levi brand, I paid $15 for). I do admire the green, blue and especially the red ones. I love the red ones. And that's my story

  6. i have always loved the look of cons too! but have never owned a pair. and i hate to break it to you but they are owned by nike who have actually admitted to child labour. i'm such a meanie, i know :) check out etiko, their shoes look almost exactly the same, but are sweatshop free and now organic!

  7. Claire - That's probably because you're all grown up & mature-like... ;)

    Gypsy - what were your kicks of choice in your formative years...? Would love to know!

    Kate - You absoloutely were NOT late...! ;) And like I said, best back to school shoes ever...!

    Sara - Corduroy cons....... ooooh... fancy! ;) Your care packages must be AWESOME!

    Gemma - I love "And that's my story." lol, red rules, yes it does.

    Isis... *sigh* I know darling, I know! But old habits die hard, you know? I am absoloutely going to try & stay away from temptation - in all honesty I couldn't tell you when I bought my last pair retail, the pink ones were from the oppy and were my last pair, all I can really do is live in hope that more people my size decide to donate them to the salvos...!!! I will check out the brand you mentioned, and I know the "No Sweat" brand too... but... you know.... *shuffles feet in a rather immature fashion*

  8. Wow! Love your collection of Converse, so fabulous! I especially love those red ones. I would love to own more pairs, I just never seem to have anything to wear them with. What a collection!
    Sophie x

  9. Oh gosh I love those canvas sneakers. My very first Cons were navy blue high-cut ones (with buttons so you can snap the flaps down!). Ah... and I have a purple pair of copies (not originals, because like you, the price of one makes me cry)...
    I just love walking shoes, and these rubber soles do the work!

  10. aww kurt cobain.
    even now, i still love that man.
    the slight mention of his name, still makes me smile.

    and cons, always and forever the best.
    'and i agree, 75 for shoes is insane, and i choke at the price too..most of my shoes are on sale, or the best ones are the end of season's at target for $1.83 lol.
    i love my new cons, they are like my 3rd pair, i also love vans, maybe even more than cons, but i wont tell u that ;)

  11. ohh and ps: why do some shops try to sell them for so much more than other shops, for example general pants, tried to sell me the same pair i got for $70 a few shops away...for $120? lol
    evil evil.

  12. You know my thoughts about Cons Vic by now I hope, absolutely the best shoe ever evented. Love all your pairs, Pink pair is speaking to me a lot there.
    You are much honorable than me I think, I never think to look in op shops, but it would save me all that dirt rubbing puddle jumping....x

  13. Don't have any of those Vic. But they do look so very comfy. Love all the colours of them too. :)

  14. Oh nice, I have some pairs of 'em, too... But usually I buy the nameless versions of them... I can't walk by a pair of chucky shoes which is sold for 10€, I CAN'T!!!

  15. wow...you are so very cool!
    it's true about the teen thing, I love cons though my love was always about docs & still is.
    got Amelie a gorgeous 'yes' 'no' pair for a whole $1 from the oppie & she thinks they are boys shoes!! ohh, she has alot to learn hey.

  16. i can remember buying my first pair of cons i think i was about 15- thats 37 long years ago. i am still buying and wearing them. am i too old? i hope not because i love them. great post


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