Fabulous Followers…

…oh, just some of them… you’re all tops, you know, and make me smile, even when I’m a bit nervous & being daft. You’re pretty cool & it’s pretty cool to know you’re out there.

I thought I’d share the love & have been a-visiting. I packed up a couple of my glorious suitcases, including all the necessities of course; hat, gloves, teapots & birdie eggcups, and went knocking on the doors of some lovely peeps, whom I knew how to find because they left their calling card in that “Followers” box. There were also some chewing gum wrappers & a marble in there, but I’m going to let it slide.


First I tapped lightly on Caroline’s door. Then I knocked louder – I think she was having a nap. She has a lovely place don’t you know, if these ridiculously sweet on oh-so-many-levels heart cookies made by her wee one don’t convince you then… then… *insert insult here*

I left Caroline to her nap & continued on to Kylie’s place, munching all the while on a crunchy broken heart….


She wasn’t expecting company. But she let me in anyway. I felt right at home, truth be told, but the morning was getting away from me and I had a couple more stops to make.

The Doily was next on my itinerary – and it’s not all that far from here, which is nice.


I was kind of hoping I might get a taste of delicious apple cider… but it’s not ready yet… I’ll have to come back. If you hang around long enough… you might get a sip too!

A little thirsty now, I trudged on, perhaps Beck could provide a weary traveller with some refreshment?


I knocked & knocked & peered through the window… but she was out. I did manage to glimpse something rather pretty sitting on the table, but thought I better move on before a neighbour alerted the authorities to the presence of a rather tall perspiring woman with two very large suitcases loitering on next door’s porch…

Feeling a bit hot & bothered, I cut my trip short, to be resumed at a later, cooler, date….



  1. You really are cute and adorable you know that? Well, as cute and adorable as a sweaty woman lurking around people's houses with suitcases can be...

  2. Hey darling delicious! If I'd known you were coming I woulda' baked a cake! Thanks for stopping by and for the sweet shout-out.
    Doily. xxx

  3. What a swell tour guide you make! Remember to click on some male followers as well, and they can carry those suitcases for you. That'll leave your hands free for all the dainty things your hosts ply you with.

  4. lol! Come visit me my dear, it's flippin' freezing.... I promise to bake x

  5. TAS!!

    Cute AND adorable...?! What are you trying to do to me...? As I keep telling Cathie - I'm dark & mysterious goddamnitt... and don't you forget it...!!!

    Doily - Apple tea cake perhaps...? Next time! Thanks for having me. ;)

    Mise - They are few & far between my dear, but that's okay. My suitcase aren't all that heavy, and they make rather nice chairs when required - if my host is having a seating shortage for example.

    Mel - Mmmmm freezing..... you are a tease! ;)

  6. Hey! Was that you at the door? I thought it was the Jehovah's again so I hid under the table, with the kids. And the Beado's. Oh those Beado's, they really spread themselves around. Thanks so much for popping by, you are so sweet! Next time you visit make sure you come round the back, ok? xoxoxoxoxo

  7. Oh I'll know for next time Beck - I thought I saw a foot sticking out from under the tablecloth, but thought perhaps it was just a dead body you had hidden a little too carelessly... ;)

  8. How about cute, dark, adorable and mysterious? Does that work for you lol?

  9. you are a very clever girl.
    Hope Le Punk is feeling a bit more spunky.

  10. does the word 'stalker' mean anything to you?!!!!! :) xxx

  11. Those look like delicious cookies. It's wonderful of you to stop by and deliver cookies.

  12. ohh soo cute & adorable!! awww, aren't you so.
    hey, it's raining today!! yay!! not hot.

  13. You're such a sweetheart Vic! If you get this far I've got one of those suitcase trollies with ockie straps that's got your name on it ;)


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