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Saturday (…almost…) so soon! The days are zooming by already in this teeny, tiny, month!

Last week’s theme, from the lovely Gypsy “Show us your shoes…” was a hit – everybody, it seems, has a shoe story to tell, and I loved seeing all the wonderful shoes & reading all the wonderful stories…! Thanks ever so for playing along & making it so fun; you’ve made it super hard for me to pick some favourites, they were all fantastic…! But pick I have.

If you are ready to be made ridiculously jealous by some rockin’ cowboy boots, then you best go visit Lola.

If you are more of a girlie girl, with a pretty vintage streak, this lovely lady has got you covered….

…and to see a poor, cute reindeer couple, most assuredly on their last legs, take your condolences over here

This week’s Theme Queen is
The Textured Leaf (I am so sorry lovely – I couldn’t find your name!), who wrote:

My close friend and I once went through each others handbags to see what we
carried around with us. Weve both never forgotten the hilarity and the
randomness of the conversation that ensued. Im going to suggest 'whats in your
handbag right now'?

Which makes this week’s theme, obviously “What’s In Your Bag?!”. Show us! Don’t be shy… and you KNOW you want to nose around in other people’s stuff… that’s why you’re here, surely?!

I’ll get the ball rolling with a rather frank look at what’s in my bag right now, it’s less a handbag and more a lovely tote that was a sweet gift from Sam with a dolly I bought Le Punk for her birthday….


So, we have:

  • Page from the local paper with details of Saturday garage sales
  • My purty Le Specs
  • Map29 coin purse, customised with the Melbourne map featuring the Queen Vic markets, and the Sydney map featuring the Queen Victoria building (I won it last year from this lovely gal).
  • A pen
  • Deodorant
  • Water
  • Gymbaroo visualisation booklet
  • Nappies
  • Punk’s shoes (She likes to put them on, but even more so she likes to throw them off the second I am distracted, so that 20 minutes or 5 shops later we have a fun shoe hunting adventure…)
  • A notepad sporting some original Punky artwork – the next page has the names of a bunch of craft books on it, I went to Borders armed with a 30% off non-fiction books voucher, only to realise I could probably get them cheaper online..
  • Unused Borders discount voucher
  • Billabong wallet which was $2 from Le Oppy… I’m sick to death of it though & looking out for another.

Riveting stuff, no? (I did consider throwing in something for a bit of excitement and intrigue, you know, like one roller skate or a kitchen knife with a tomato sauce bloodstain…)

Your turn!

* Bossy stuff: Please link only when you’ve posted your My Place & Yours contribution… thank yooooooooooooou!


  1. of course you would have the garage sales list there :)
    I had to laugh at the kitchen knife, not that I have ever had a knife in my handbag, probably just scissors..
    maybe I should ask my MIL what's in her bag, now that would be hilarious, she is a nurse so you can only imagine, plus lollies, empty wrappers etc.

  2. At the mo' my pocket book is absolutely empty, but for a few crumbs and lint fuzz. It's contents are scattered across the living room. I would like to blame the small one, saying she's been a naughty lass for getting into mummy's bag, but the truth must be told. Mummy had a little hissy. When late for a doctors appointment and unable to find the insurance card or the scrap of paper I had written down the office address, I flung the bag about and upside down, shaking the contents to the table. Forgetting that the strap was holding on by faith alone, it lost it's hold and the purse went flying along with the remainder of it's contents. I know have a lovely red strap mark across my eyebrow and a mess to retrieve. I blame it all on being out of coffee this morning, oh the tragedy!

  3. Love the garage sale list LOL. The map coin purse looks lovely! I'm sure you could find a lovely blogger who makes wallets to whip one up a new one for you in not time! Interesting theme, I will post mine later upon return from the midgets' swimming lesson.

  4. All manner of kid crap ends up in the bags doesn't it? lol I can't believe I am carrying sultanas all the time now! hahahahaha...

    Hey, do you want to borrow the hedgehog book I had up the other week? Like you the name got me in, so if you want to try to give it a read I can send it up. I gave up on it... seems a waste...

  5. Noice collection of oddities you have there Vic! lol. But do so like that print on the front of the tote.
    Very cute foot attire that Punky has there. :)

  6. I remember all the extras I used to carry when the kids were little. Nice to have my bag back to myself...if only they would let me have the house or even the fridge to myself!

  7. Oh I couldn't believe it when I saw the theme after lashing out on THE most lavish bag I've ever owned. Spying this bag made the bag's I've made, the ones from from oppe shoppe's and G sales melt into oblivion ... I deserve this beauty ... that's my story and I'm stickin' to it ;))
    Hugs to All. xo

  8. love the coin purse and the print on the tote and can i say that punky has some style judging by her shoes. thanks for the chance to share

  9. love the coin purse and the print on the tote and can i say that punky has some style judging by her shoes. thanks for the chance to share

  10. Anyone admiring the print on the tote *might* be able to beg Sam to sell them one - it was her design which won a Bristyle comp to be on their official market totes...! (I don't know how many she got, she might be all out...)
    Even if she's bagless, she has AMAZING prints, cards, brooches, tshirts... I mean seriously, there is nothing she doesn't do, and doesn't do well...!


  11. Love the theme this week, what fun checking out everyone's bags! Love all your bits and pieces, the shoes are too cute and the tote is just fab!
    Sophie x

  12. Thanks for a great theme. I loved checking out everyone's bags. Cute tote! I stupidly put my blog post title up instead of my blog's title up... sorry, it's been a long day!

  13. There is just no way I can play this week- I seriously would look to bizarre and obsessive to show you whats in my bag! but am enjoying everyone elses!

  14. thanks so much for a close-up view of what's in your bag Vic..makes me feel a lot better about bearing mine to all lol! must say i love Punky's shoes would love to be able to just take off me shoes & throw them in me mum's bag like that hahaha!

  15. So glad you like my bag addiction on view for all the world to see!LOL, and yes I did make the green bag you see hanging there.

  16. Aww, thanks Vic :)

    Hmmm, I'll be back for this tomorrow when I can take a nice photo of the nasty contents of my bag!

  17. Great theme for the week. It's nice know that we're not alone with the variety and amount of stuff we seem to pile into our bags, especially the kiddy stuff!

  18. i'm participating! YAY!

    though my bag doesn't look as interesting as some others.... and it still hurts my shoulder when i carry it. mmm.


  19. thanks for having this , it a lot of fun.
    I remember having my kids stuff in my bag when I see yours :)


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