Aaaaah. Crap.

And you know what? This time I mean that literally.


We had the final inspection of Le Cottage yesterday afternoon – I was so excited… not long now kids! I have never had to wait this long to move into a house in my whole life… and it’s been playing tricks on my mind. The loft is still as resplendent as I remember it, Punky’s room cute & cosy… but the kitchen… oh the kitchen… and the bathroom… I think both of those words should have “these” guys around them, because they seem neither kitchen-y or bathroom-y to me. I knew they were bad. I remembered them as cruddy & told everyone about their cruddyness… yet… they are REALLY much worse. They made my heart sink a little. Especially when there is just so much to do everywhere & no immediate funds to do anything.


But that, is not even the ‘Crap’ part. Noooo, the ‘Crap’ part refers to actual, well, crap. Deposited on the lounge room floor. In front of the icky brown gas heater. By a possum. Bastard. The Boy saw it first & informed the real estate agent that we would not be paying extra for THAT. Eew.


So now I have added ‘block chimney’ to the ever-growing ‘To Do’ list in my mind… there is painting, plastering, carpet removing, floor laying, kitchen renovating, bathroom gutting and more to be done and I feel more than a little overwhelmed…


BUT. There is a teensy bit of good news – I rushed to check if the few sets of drawers & a wardrobe were still in the shed (I’d seen them on our first inspection) and YES, they will be mine! Hurray! It really does pay to look on the bright side. I’m all excited about the wardrobe now, the only thing that could put a downer on that is opening the door & having a rabid possum attack me… but we’ll beat that creature with a paintbrush when we come to it.

(Pics from WeHeartIt ‘cause I am kinda obsessed with that site at the moment & am also kinda glad I didn’t take my camera yesterday…)


  1. Oh I know that feeling. We too bought an "ahhhh crap" cottage. Most of it is gone now though as the back half wasn't worth saving, but that's another story.

    You have to share pickies with us cause I seriously thought you were moving into a derelict house for a few moment there!! Good luck with it, it'll be a journey to remember :)

  2. Oh god. I thought that was your ACTUAL cottage too. Phew.
    After what I've seen you do with 'crap' oppy furniture, I have no doubt that the cottage transformation will be phenomenal. Keep calm. Lino is cheap. Paint is cheap. Punky's sunshine is free.
    Damn that possum!

  3. Ok, I'm with SD. Pics!!!
    The 'ahh crap' moment has hit us too, with little funds to fix...
    our quirky house with the add ons is slowly revealing its true self!
    But, enthusiasm is on your side! and lots and lots of vintage finds to make you feel homey and happy 'til you can fix what you need to. It will be fab Vic!!!

  4. I'll have pics Friday or Saturday kids... and don't say I didn't warn you... ;)

  5. Sorry but I had a wee giggle about the possum poop. Aren't possums protected is Aus, if it was here there would be no more possum LOL. Can't wait to see what you do, and good score with the drawers and wardrobe, bonus :)

  6. Oh I SO know how you feel. We've had such little money to fix things too.

    Our toilet room was SO DISGUSTING, with a clean-up and a $7 new toilet seat it became nice enough for visitors to use.

    we used a plastic tub for a kitchen sink for the first month, because the plumbing leaked into the cupboard below... etc etc

    You will make do. And you can always retreat to the loft for some sanity space.

  7. Oh Rebecca that is absoloutely my plan - I am getting that space sorted (since it just needs aranging, not painting & romodelling!!!) asap, so I can relax & feel that is all is well with the world!

  8. Just let old Poss share the loft on the condition that he gets help for his toileting problems. And yes, you had me too, I remember the photos of your new abode but thought that the inside must be truly a renovator's delight.

  9. oh Vic, I should really email you a photo of what we bought in order for you to rest assured that..THINGS can happen!

  10. Oh dear, I too assumed those were photos of your actual cottage! Hope you find a money tree growing at the end of the garden.

  11. Becalm yourself woman! With your expertise it will be looking gorgeous and homey in no time!

  12. Phew ... Gadzooks I thought that was your house! You're so clever you'll have your beautiful dream house in no time :)


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