I Really Like Christmas.

I really, really do!

Hello! I’ve missed you! I’ve also missed sewing & leaving the house!

Yesterday I got to sew for a couple of hours while The Boy bounced a sleeping Suspense & it was WONDERFUL. Of course, finishing a couple of sewing projects put me in mind of blogging, so here I am. Ironically I don’t have a good photo to share of the Christmas stockings I whipped up yesterday because I am QUICKLY typing this in a stolen moment, but I just wanted to pop in & wish each & every one of you a fabulous & very merry Christmas!

It’s been an eventful year here in the Punky household & I have been lucky enough to share everything with you guys! I got my licence! I moved into our little cottage! I had a baby boy! Most importantly though I found some cool stuff at opshops…! ;)

Thank you everyone, fellow bloggers, sweetest readers & quiet lurkers, for being here for me to ‘talk’ to. For listening to my whinges, rejoicing in my happiness & over-inflating my ego when my various crafty pursuits turn out okay. You rock kids. You do.

Hopefully I’ll be getting back into the swing of normal life in the new year & will be back here, writing & whinging & laughing with you all, but until then, have a wonderful holiday with your family, relax & soak up the magic that is Christmas & this most beautiful time of the year!


Merry Christmas everyone, with much love from Vic, The Boy, Le Punk & Suspense.



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