The Goods.

Ah, we had another awesome Saturday over here last week! Garage sales (The Boy even came with during his tea break), chai & banana bread at that fast food place that shan’t be named, the park, a bit of sewing, an afternoon trip to a closing down junk shop, yummy home-made fried rice for dinner… Good Stuff.

Only a couple of goodies today – one from the garage sales & the others from the oppy…


Massive, lovely, mirror $10. The Boy said “That’ll look good once it’s done up.” Me thinks he’s never heard of “Shabby Chic”…




Rather special red vintage case (I’ve finally started packing & it has been discovered that my fabric stash does not fit in the cases it was previously allotted, and more need to be procured).

I also picked up a bright red set of drawers from the oppy for $10, ( …I don’t have a photo just now – they’re on the verandah & I’m in my pyjamas with hair sticking out to rival Albert Einstein’s & there are blokes building a house across the road with some sort of apocolyptic rap music blaring…) they’ve given me a great idea for our bedroom in The Cottage….

For more of the week’s vintage goodness, visit Sophie & the gang playing along with “Flea Market Finds”!

(…annnnnnnnd, if one meme is never enough, come spill the dirty secrets of your handbag via My Place and Yours – We’re playing all week!)


  1. nice! mirror & of course the red suitcase.
    hmmm albert einstein in pjs dancing to rap music, now that's a good look :)

  2. Oh, I am terribly jealous! Of your finds, not your Einstein hair, I already have that.

  3. I keep wondering how you keep finding things over things in the oppy. What I ask myself is: Do you have to drive far to find things, or are there just lots of oppies/ junk shops/ garage sales near your home?

  4. Oh Yummy Yummy Yummy!
    All of a sudden I just must have a red suitcase to store some fabric in!

  5. Cathie - Nooooo, I don't think it would be. Honestly. ;)

    Lola - It's comments like that that make me smitten, m'lady. But I won't schedule a family dinner any time soon...

    Polka Dot Rabbit - Don't! You'll get it all wet!

    Gabi - Darling, I am dedicated. ;) There are 4 oppies here in town, 2 of which I visit often, they are my favourites, the other 2 are a bit crap but I visit occasionally in the hope of finding something. Garages sales... since I've only just got my licence, the garage sales (well, the ones that I couldn't ride to before!) are rather a new beast. Out of the three we visited on Saturday the mirror was the only thing I even sort of wanted, which is odd for me, I find I can see something I want almost anywhere I go... ;) I heard some people talking in the oppy when I was picking up the buttons & the case:
    "I didn't see you at the Garage Sales this morning"
    "No, I thought I'd sleep in. I heard they were sh$thouse anyway." lol

    Nat - I have a feeling you would have a lot more fabric than I & would need a lot more cases too! I have 5 & a big under-the-bed clear zip up storage thingy... you would need... lots more!

  6. how cool is that sticker on the suit case?! nice finds

  7. mmm,you really do get great stuff out your way Vic. Jealous on the red number...

  8. that red suitcase is the bomb!!
    PS Just to let you know Wally and Bruce ( reindeer anklets) have had their day. Let's just say there was an incident, involving a psycho playful cat and narrow carperted stairs, in which someone ended up flat on their back at the bottom of it, and it wasn't the cat, Wally or Bruce....x

  9. Vic, you always find the most wonderful things. Love that mirror, now I'm going to keep my eye for mirrors and that suitcase, very special indeed!
    Thanks so very much for playing along.
    Sophie x

  10. Oh my, I am jealous of the things you've picked up for yourself, especially the buttons... I bet they are a steal!

  11. WOW... I don't know where to start.. I love everything.. I think that mirror is just devine.. Great finds - well done! Jackie

  12. I'm so jealous!! i love the mirror and suitcase :) they are awesome finds

  13. Oh, how swanky! You can waltz through your (newly painted) red front door with your red suitcase and feel empowered...as only you can when you have waltzed through a red door carrying a red suitcase.
    Mmmm, banana bread.

  14. $10, for that mirror, surely you jest and clearly I am looking in all the wrong places for perfect mirrors. Oh to be a seasoned thrifter, I fear I have a ways to go.

  15. ooooh I want that suitcase....gosh I have suitacase envy hahaa Its perfect..rxx

  16. What a beautiful suitcase! I am craving an op shop experience [might convince the boy on a venture tomorrow]. Your finds are amazing. I can only hope for a similar experience.

    You should so have music wars with the rap music builders.

  17. Wow - what an awesome mirror! Great find!

  18. Oh Whooop de Dooo stunningly excellent finds Darls. Love your description of yourself ... always remember when you're pretty you can wear anything ;)
    Hey I've had a few precious little finds myself, just put one up. I'm rarely speechless! xc.

  19. Cherie - I'm sorry to have to tell you this m'dear, but you are quite clearly delusional.... ;) xo


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