My Place And Yours: Green.

It’s meme time!


My Place And Yours is back yet again – I thought it might help with my bloggy mojo.


The theme is GREEN!




My Place & Yours starts on Saturday but you can join in any day throughout the week, just follow these easy guidelines;


  • Link back here somewhere in your MPAY post so that people know where to come to join in – the more the merrier!


  • To play, take a photo or a bunch of photos of or relating to the theme & leave the link to your post in the list below. The photos can be as fancy pants & stylised as you like, or they can be quick & dirty via a phone pic – whatever you like. If you would like to write a little something, a lot of something or nothing at all, that’s cool with me too.


  • Do try to pop by & visit some of the other players & let them know what you think of their posts.

  • greenbooks

    Have fun!


    Forgive me blogosphere for I have sinned.

    I have been having second thoughts about us, blogosphere. I have been thinking that not only might we need some time apart, we might have to break up altogether.

    It’s not you.

    It’s me.

    I was thinking that I didn’t love you anymore. I was thinking that it couldn’t work out between us. That your eye would wander to more creative blogs. Prettier blogs. Better blogs.


    I was thinking that I would concentrate on what has been making me smile lately & let you go completely. I was REALLY thinking that.


    And then… I started listening to one of the CDs I got in my swap. A CD from Cam.


    And I loved it. And I love Cam – in a not at all creepy, platonic, she’s a crafty super-hero type of way – and damn it… I love you, too, blogosphere. Without you, I wouldn’t have the CD I am bopping to. I wouldn’t have the gorgeous friends I have met, in person & in spirit & I wouldn’t have had the confidence or support to take the scary leap that is Geek Amour in the first place.


    I’m sorry.


    Forgive me?

    Instagram has also been distracting me from your charms, blogosphere. I tried to resist, truly…!

    If you’re a twitter type, I changed my name there too, to @GeekAmour, and I like it, but some people are CONFUDDLED! Poor people. They’ll get used to it.

    But how are YOU? Are you blogging it up or feeling blah too?


    A Reminder

    …just a reminder for the people participating in the music swap


    CDs have to be posted TODAY!

    Hope you’ve had fun sorting out your tunes, I’ve heard some super organised types have sent theirs already to grateful recipients, none of this last minute playlist fiddling for them!

    Let me know if you’ve any issues & I’ll do my best to help; let the tunes begin…


    A Couple’finds.


    Phew! It’s hot here! I’m melting!

    Summer doesn’t know WHAT it’s doing. It’s hot, it’s cold, it’s, hot, it’s cold, it’s cold, it’s cold, it’s windy, it’s hot… It’s making me crazy.

    Is the weather being just as temperamental wherever you are?

    These are just a couple of finds from an oppy jaunt yesterday; I was on a specific mission to find Fowler’s jars as I got a “canning outfit” on my local second-hand trading site, sans jars. I just love that it’s called an outfit. Is that weird?

    Do you can? Do you have any tips? I’m looking forward to my first go at it… the weather just has to stay hot so the tomatoes ripen finally…

    I’m not holding my breath.


    Geek Amour.


    Just like that, I am an Etsy shopkeeper.

    I printed my cards, cut them, folded them, took dodgey photos of them & listed them, then I went away & someone bought them all.

    That person is so nice. I really like that person.


    So here is my shop. It’s only got lovey/valentiney type stuff right now, because Valentines Day is the next event on the greeting card calendar, & because there are only so many hours in a day.


    I called it “Geek Amour” instead of sticking with “Punky & Me” because I wanted to be able to do what I wanted with it, whatever that may be, as well as keep this place as my own, not turn it into some sort of hybrid cross promoting shop blog.

    So… that’s what I’ve been up to today!


    I *heart* eBay.

    These photos were taken the night before we went to this market;


    At the market, we lost that Gizmo. Our first EVER favourite toy tragedy, which, you’re about to see, I couldn’t deal with.

    This photo was taken five minutes ago;


    Not one, but TWO Gizmos! I love you eBay.

    (PS; The only new thing I have bought since the 26th of December is a bike lock for Punk’s bike, I didn’t think a second-hand bike lock would be a wise choice. I am terribly proud of passing up the new helmet & fairy accessory pack that was on clearance next to the bike locks – if it weren’t for this challenge, I wouldn’t have thought twice. The thrift gods have granted my requests for laundry hampers, a soup pot & a new broom; I’m CRUISING!)



    I had a lovely time in the kitchen this afternoon – probably because I wasn’t actually “cooking”, I was prepping & blanching some corn & carrots from the garden to stick in the freezer; I surprised myself by enjoying the whole process.

    I was not surprised that I felt the need to play with my vegetables…

    carrot love



    carrot horror


    I bet you didn’t know…

    …that I am utensily challenged? Oh sure, you might have guessed, but you couldn’t have known for sure. Mr is too. It’s a terrible affliction that hampers our ability to use one utensil in particular; the can opener. The ones that you fit on the lip of the can with the key-like handle? Impossible to use. Automatic can openers that, one would assume from the word “automatic” in their very name would be a cinch to use? They induce fits of tin-throwing frustration. The only can opener we can use is one of the old-school variety, the stabby, pointy ones with the corkscrew on the bottom; when was the last time your average Joe even SAW one of these?

    can openers

    I’d wager “not recently”, because they are pain in the behind to find, which is why, a few years ago when our very last can opener was bent or broken or misplaced, we embarked on a fruitless search for another. So long was our search that we thought we’d never open a tin can again (I may be over-exaggerating ever so slightly…); until we DID stumble upon a shop that sold this humble version of can opener & we bought every one they had.


    I bet you also didn’t know that they are perfect for scraping initials painted in nail polish off opped vintage Japanese mugs right? Well they are. Sorry ‘K’, they’re mine now.


    Fangirl Alert.

    Or sadgirl alert; you decide.


    I found this in a drawer where I must have put it after it arrived; a Hellephant USB that I bought to help get April of Regretsy fame drunk in another country.


    I’m not throwing the envelope out though, because, although you might think the signature on there is unintelligible, I think it’s ‘April Winchell’, fo’sho, & I’m calling it an autograph. Sure, she “forgot” that April starts with an ‘A’ & doesn’t have two ‘L’s, & that ‘Winchell’ has an ‘i’ in it, but what do you expect from an alcoholic on too many prescription meds? I’m willing to cut her some slack.


    Pretend you’re not jealous.


    Sky Watch.

    I looked outside yesterday afternoon & saw that the light was saturated yellow.

    When I went out I was utterly in awe of the sky – so different & amazing in every direction, so I grabbed Punk & the camera & we watched for a while…



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