Let Us Never Speak Of This Again.

Yep. Not even two whole days… and I’m back.

I know I should have at least tried to stay away a little longer – you know, so that you get a chance to miss me… pine for me even… get tattoos of my name (or just ‘Wino forever’) on your buttocks… but screw it. I’m here now.

I’ve discovered it takes so much more energy to be anxious & feel negative than to just get on with things (…as long as those things aren’t packing or cleaning…). I don’t think I could make it two weeks. I could try, but I don’t want to. I have stuff to show you & packing to avoid.

I’m not going to go too much into whatever “issues” I was having, except to say that I’ve had a couple of days (*ahem*) to think about them & have realised that they aren’t that big or scary in the grand scheme of things.

Thanks for your sweet comments & emails kids, you make me smile, even when I’m trying to stomp around under my very own personal raincloud. Damn you.

Massive thanks to Vanessa for directing me here. It was like a light bulb went off when I read this post. A nice old school light bulb too – not one of the new ugly curly energy saver deal’es. Amongst many other things, I was feeling a bit – daunted by that number on the side there – the number of peeps – of YOU – I know it’s not a mega-number that some of you have & at the same time I know that it seems like a crazy, unobtainable number for those of you that have a lot less, but to me it was starting to mean “I must perform!”. I didn’t want to disappoint you… you’d taken the time to look around here & decided you might hang around for a while, & I didn’t want you to regret it. Not because I WANT a gazillion followers – I would die of weird socially-awkward-person paranoia – but because I don’t want to let you down. I did feel obliged, especially since I read so many of your blogs & am inspired & awed by them ALL. THE. TIME.

But I’m over it. If you stay, you stay, and if you don’t, you don’t (I know who I want to stay & talk to me & I also know that you will…) & I’m just going to continue, opping, crafting & faffing about, because that’s what I do & I like it.

Thanks for listening. This is certainly cheaper than therapy. (That’s if you don’t count all the things you guys enable me to buy – like craft books & matryoshka measuring cups…)

I’ll be back in a wee bit with what I was doing instead of packing. (You know you love my procrastinating ways… they make you feel better about yourself even as you shake your head in disbelief…)

Oh – one last thing My Place & Yours will be taking a wee hiatus while I move & until I again have a “My Place” to play along with.

I think that’s everything.




  1. Welcome back!!! Write your blog for yourself - you'll be the person that looks back in 10 years time and remembers with a huge smile what you've done and what op shop treasures you've bought.
    I was very happy to see your blog post.

  2. *phew*

    I thought perhaps I would be disowned for being a drama queen... ;)

  3. oh lovely - and my tattoo only got as far as 'wino'....

  4. :P back at 'ya Cathie!

    Katy - I wanna see... ;)

  5. Hey Vic..I had a feeling your little stomp was about your 'numbers' and the feeling you need to perform but you know what...you totally don't! Just be you, and do your stuff like you do and sometimes even relax!

    Good to see you back...even if it was only 2 days :)

  6. Please don't feel obliged by any of us! You'll pop up in our readers whenever you decide to blog or not to blog.

  7. Sam - If I were anymore relaxed I'd be comatose... ;)

    Seriously. I have been doing absoloutely nothing! Sloth city over here baby!

    Sometimes I think I need thearapy. Honestly. I have me some mean issues lady... and obviously an addictive personality... just as well I did nae give up blogging for February, I'd have better luck with alchohol, although...

    Now I'm rambling. I'm going to bed.


  8. So the tattoo on my forehead saying "come back Vic. We miss you" was a bit much? Really? Bugger!

  9. Hey, you're back too soon! I neither commented on your "I'm away" post nor got me a black ribbon for my blog reader...

    So let's go on if nothing happened ;) - but! What I want to suggest is: If you ever have doubts again, read your very first blog post and bethink of the original reason you started this blog :).

    Welcome back!

  10. Oh wise move to read Tiff's blogging without obligation Vic ;)
    You don't have to 'perform' here. I'd say we're all here because we want to be not because we want a part of you.
    Hey no reason why everyone can't post their own 'My Place...' every Saturday while you get your lovely nest organised!
    Take Care of lePunk and your gorgeous self.
    Don't worry your pretty head about us bloggers ... I'd say we're all doing fine and wishing you much love and happiness. XOXO

  11. Oh yay, you're back!
    Don't worry lovely lady ... You don't get rid of us that easily ;-)

  12. Welcome back (although I must admit that I didn't know you were having a break until about 5 minutes ago when I read your last post)

    Don't worry about what people think about your blog, do it for yourself, if people like it it's just an added bonus.


  13. Life should be fun and stressing about one more thing (blogging) doesn't make it so.
    Come back when you're ready. We'll be patiently waiting - and desperate to see your new abode ;)

  14. Zips on lips over here ... enough said (glad you're back) and love the oppy revamp too! Nic

  15. Shhhhhhhhh!

    I said let's never speak of this again!


  16. Oh *phew*!!!! I'm having my own meltdown over here so totally get it.
    Thank heavens you're back!
    Um, someone referred to me as an "op shopping queen" over on CM. I think YOU better set them straight QM!!!

  17. Us leave you? Vic, you should know that Follower is just a polite way of saying Stalker!! Ha Ha. Great to see you back. Jenny

  18. Therapy's over-rated! :)

    My verification word is fluckar...I think that's funny!

    Can you tell I should be doing other stuff......hmmmm.....


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