I'm abandoning the blog for now - Don't know when I'll be back, right now I'm much too busy keeping my head above water...! Maybe you'll be here when I return... Like a prison wife?! ;) And here is the rest of it.



Yesterday we had a bit of a mail – malfunction; the parcel guy left two big parcels for ME at a neighbours house! Luckily, said neighbour knows The Boy from work & knew that the “Little Spencer” one parcel was co-addressed to was his new baby…! *phew!*

Anyway, when the parcels finally got to their rightful destination, their contents were revealed, making all joyful & full of good cheer….


A Christmas present for Suspense (Yup… that’s what I’ve been calling him. I can’t help it. Nicknames are my thing…), & WHAT a Christmas present! GORGEOUS, funky, funny, cute… the best robot ever pretty much, from Cath


…& a special wee girl bunny for me to stitch up & stuff for Le Punk (Thank you sweetness – she loves it even now..!).

As if that weren’t enough to set my heart a-flutter, I had to take deep breaths when opening the next parcel… fluff!


A long-awaited nappy lay-by… lovely!

I am very concerned for the state of mind of our parcel guy however – I get quite a few parcels delivered here, you’d think he’d know by now…? Perhaps the Christmas postal rush is starting & making the poor guy frazzled… I DON’T CARE! Don’t give my lovely mail to other people! BAD PARCEL GUY! Yikes!


And now for something completely different, an irrelevant picture of my little chick magnet:


Have a great weekend kiddies, & fellow Victorians; don’t forgot to vote… if only so you don’t get fined for it later – there certainly isn’t much to choose from….


Blogging one-handed from an iPod…

…is much harder than one would think, but I promised lovely Cath that I would post about her mad robot making skillz when her fabulous robot plushie Victor made his debut over at Kid Independent for Plushie Palooza!


Isn’t he great?! And what about his name, eh? Whoever he is named after must be one awesome, if possibly sleep deprived & smelling of baby sick, individual, me thinks.

If you love ol’Victor as much as I do – & seriously, how could you not? – do head over to his post & let everybody know. If there is any justice at all in this world, the gazillion comments his cute self will elicit will win his creator the coveted hand felted Golden Plushie award, & bucketfuls of kudos & well-deserved glory, of course.

I think that’s everything…? Sorry if I missed something tres important Cath!

On a sidenote: I am the THE slackest post partum blogger in the universe, I’m sorry, & I miss you all immensely! I was shocked & dismayed to find last night, when clicking on my reader for the FIRST TIME SINCE SPENCE ARRIVED, that the blog world has not only continued on swimmingly without me, but is thriving & I am sure to have missed many important & interesting developments! The horror!

If my wee man ever decides that he might like to sleep someplace other than in my arms, or is content for longer than it takes me to take a shower or hug a Punk, I’ll try to pop in with an update or seven, but for now my loves expect any posts from me to be sporadic at the very least, & few & far between!!




Too Pretty to Wait.


This dress was supposed to be a Christmas present, but as soon as it got here I knew I wouldn’t be able to wait…





I mean, it’s so pretty… & it fits PERFECTLY, right now!


My Creative Space…

…aka “Crafting for Heavily Preggers Peeps”…

…aka “Don’t try this at home”…

…aka “Craft FAIL”.


So. I “covered” a manky old footstool with some of the left over robot quilt fabric. But…. I didn’t want to sew anything.

So… I glued it on.



GLUE. White craft glue, to be precise. Shoulda/woulda/coulda used ModPodge maybe…?

Oh well.


Apart from the air bubbles it looks okay… good enough to stick my sausage feet on anyway!

More (perhaps less half-assed) creative spaces over here.


I’m still here.

…but I’m finally all packed & ready to go, just in case…!


Yesterday’s “Due Date” came & went without any excitement at all. I didn’t even have a bet on the Cup! I have a Doctor’s appointment this afternoon which I am dragging The Boy along to for the first time because I feel I’ll need a little moral support – she was already talking about “moving things along next week…” at my 39 week appointment.

I am sick of all the appointments & fussing, & wish we were having this bubba at the RPA Birth Centre where Le Punk was born & I felt more supported & empowered, but I’m not. I’m in ‘the country’ now, & apparently, things are different here. I am very confident that bubba#2 will come when he’s ready. Punk was a week late, so today, at one day “overdue”, I am not in the least bit concerned.

Wish me luck for my appointment. I hope she doesn’t make me cry… but it’s really not that hard these days….


Damn you facebook!

…you’ve sucked me back in to your time-consuming vortex! I had such good intentions when I quit facebook – I lasted ages too… AGES, but then, one day, when my internet had been sloooooooooowed…. riiiiiiiiiiight…. dooooooown…. I remembered that facebook took bugger-all time to load & I could still peruse all sorts of things, from Blythe pics to handmade goodness, & the rest of course, is history.

I am proud to say I am not involved in any of that “Just had toast for breakfast” palaver, or consumed by playing farm wars or mafia restaurant city or what not, but maybe I should be, because I have discovered something else.

The facebook sale. Uh. Oh.

Did you know about these….? People/stores/groups announce on their page that they’re having a sale at a certain time & upload photos to their album with the item details & the first person to write “SOLD!” after the sale has started scores the item, usually at a crazily discounted, highly sought after price. Like this ridiculously gorgeous Chalk n Cheese dress from My Poppit that I accidentally bought for $25 instead of $79.50…..


Did I already say “Uh Oh”?

Not only that, but thanks to a comment from Lauren on one of my Modern Cloth Nappy posts, I’ve discovered a Buy & sell your MCN group….

I shall be poor for eternity….!

At least I am only wasting time with one online social network – Twitter was nae for me…


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