Fresh Hunting Grounds

As I have mentioned a couple of times, Miss Punk is a new Gymbaroo goer. As there is no such kindy gym type place here, we have to trek into a much bigger town once a week… it just so happens, as I discovered yesterday, that right by the Gym there are three lovely oppies…..

I didn’t leave any empty handed.



Supercute Sunjoy (What IS Sunjoy… sounds familiar but I don’t know why…?) zip up briefcase, $1. It fit almost all my treasures in it too…! Little enamel teapot $2.


Vintage lovely: Above – Tom & Jerry & Deputy Dawg “TV Favourites” jigsaw puzzles - $1 each.

Below – A Superbook for girls, $2 & old “Leatherette Craft” kit, made in England, still with all the bits & pieces, $1.



Cute red thermos for my kitschy kitchen. $1.50.


…and. My very first vase. Really. I’m not saying I’ve never used other things as vases – glasses, bottles, jugs, teapots… but this is the very first vase (and I have seen A LOT of oppy vases) that I have liked enough to buy. It’s beautiful! Not sure how much it was… $2 I think.


  1. ACE, ACE, ACE!!!!
    Oh I just love deputy dawg!
    Nice finds hun!
    Now, pu-lease get your butt down here for some serious opping. Once you're HERE you guys can come in my car :)

  2. Claire - when do you head off on your grand adventure? We're actually STAYING down your way for a few days in March...

    Gabi. You Lie. You luff me. ;)

  3. My 4 year old would pine for that Tom and Jerry puzzle if he saw it...so I wont show him!

  4. Great finds, Vic. I have the same red thermos in my kitchen...

  5. Oh...I love the tea pot...I use my enamel one for my olive oil and the VASE...OH how stunning!!! Lucky Duck!

  6. You are a woman obsessed! Nice Vase!

  7. We'll still be here in march... just not the long weekend ;) I could always draw you a map.

  8. awesome, you always find the best things!!
    so your kitchen is going to be red and kitschy, I have a little gift for your, from one of my treasure huntings, it was about a year ago, i purchased this item because i wanted a retro one of its kind, but then found a pink one soon after, so the red, has been put away in the cupboard of random finds that still need to find place in the home.
    would it be tacky to give you a 2nd hand gift as a housewarming?? lol i think with you, not?! :) it is red...and very kitschy and cool, well i think so!

    love the vase! i use an old electric jug, those ceramic/pottery whatever they are made out of jugs, its pretty <3

  9. SCORE!!
    Loving the vase, the teapot and the child of the 80's in me says the Tom & Jerry puzzle too!

  10. Fantastic finds ... especially the vase. I'm so envious.

  11. The TEAPOT and VASE are too lovely! I am having goosebumps. For real! I think mostly it is from seeing the price for these great things. Man!

  12. If there were a show called "Oppy Idol" - you would be hands-down winner!!

  13. how do you do that?!

    i agree with Kat, you're like some kind of op shop god.

  14. it must be almost embarrassing to keep on having all these awesome finds

  15. vase lust, envy its bootiful...I want one

  16. SOOO good! That vase is divine! and so to is all the stuff. that leatherette craft kit is such a find!

  17. O

    I got that exact same leatherette craft box for my fifth christmas and had forgotten about it until I saw your post...

  18. You were under-aged! It clearly says on the box "...from 7 to 11"!

    Not 5! Um-ah! ;)


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