A Group Of Crows Is Called A Murder.


..so what is a cupboard with crows on it called?!

Do you remember when I scored me some FREE oppy furniture?

Well, it’s been sitting around, mocking me, for ages, and so, after the L’Amour table, armed with a whole lot of white paint – I decided to fix the cupboard.

Here was the beast before:


And after:

Now. Nothing much went right with this, but that’s okay. All the things that went wrong made for a cupboard that I like just right.

The crows – were never meant to be. I didn’t envision them, have a theme in mind or anything, they happened from necessity. I sanded back as much of the icky brown muck as I could & set about painting everything. On the second coat I noticed teeny tiny holes in one of the doors – some sort of little creature had burrowed in there at some point. I know you are able to fix this with some sort of wood filler & sanding again, but I was on my second coat of paint and, let’s face it, I’m lazy. I just kept going.

Painting the top/lid I noticed that there were 3 massive cracks along one side. Bugger. I kept going.

I wondered what to do about the holes & the cracks. “No wonder it was free” I mumbled to myself “What do I have in copious amounts that I could use to cover these up?”

The answer of course, was buttons, buttons, buttons & I thought I was onto something until I placed some over the holes to see what they looked like & they didn’t look good, at all. It was a look akin to seashells stuck in putty on a vegemite jar & called a vase.


Then I thought a decal would cover them – yes! Yet I was surprisingly decal-less. Instead I printed out some crow silhouettes on photo paper & cut ‘em out. The wee ones are doing a spiffing job of flying over the little holes, and the big ones on the lid are sitting pretty on the cracks – just like they are meant to be there, in my opinion.

The next things I had trouble with were the handles. The hardware shop didn’t have what I wanted (black) so I came home & painted the little mouldings at the end of the old handles black.

I like it, obviously. The Boy doesn’t. I want to kick him. But I won’t.

The End.


  1. I think it looks absolutely brilliant.

  2. Good grief girl I sneak off for three days and yikes I freaked when I saw you'd had a crack up. If I'd not been preoccupied I'd have sent someone round in a nurses or an SES uniform to check on you ;) You're allowed to have these minor koniptions you know, it's part of life, simply shows you're human. I'm so happy you're Over It Darling!!!
    LOVE the cabinet, the crows are gorgeous ... is a murder of them serendipitous :)
    Big changes here too Darling ... three days in a Keith Lo Bue workshop is life changing - thought I'd already been through the change of life ... there's a change on again ;)
    Take care gorgeous girl ... always remember you're much loved ... mwah, mwah, mwah ;)

  3. Look what you did to that nasty, NASTY cupboard! Good job.

  4. Well, looks like all the wrongs did make a right!
    I love the way it turned out, and I imagine no one would of ever guessed it was headed in any other direction.

  5. First, I love the crows! It looks really grand in my opinion!
    Second, I thought you were on a break :)

  6. muy fabu! Impressive cutting skills.. and painting, and sanding, and crafty skills in general really.

  7. I think it looks amazing, and the decals are a touch of genius.

    I bought a similar garage sale piece recently which has been living at my sister's house. For my birthday she sanded it back and is re-varnishing it for me! I don't have it yet because it still needs a few more coats but I cannot wait! It definitely won't have crows on it but it does have a glass door with a lyre bird etched on it.

  8. Its awesome Vic! My boy would hate it too. He has NO taste.
    The crows are a stroke of GENIUS!

  9. a cupboard of crows is.... a cover up. ;-)


  10. What a vast improvement! You've managed to turn a really ugly cupboard into something original and nice to look at :) I think you're way clever and ignore the boy. Men have no taste anyway lol.

    Now, I have an old bookshelf sitting in the shed........you've inspired me :)

  11. Oh well done I am so your sort of furniture restorer. I also have been mocked by various, what we can loosely describe as, furniture and have just kind of gone dang it all who cares about loose paint and icky bits, coat of paint and bobs your uncle. Have posted one of my projects and will be posting more soon.

  12. i'm with lucia, absolutely brilliant!


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