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Hanging Out.

Rainbow Brite


You may have noticed a distinct lack of opshopped goodies here this week – & it’s not down to me being in a bad mood – there has just been nothing interesting to report… all week!

Today was Gymbaroo day again, so, armed with The Boy’s new GPS, I decided to hit a few new oppies, with some lunch & new parks along the way. The goldmines from last week were grimly bare, as were the first FOUR new oppies we trekked to.

Punky was happy – she found some goodies – a big rainbow bright doll – who’s outfit matched her shorts, and ‘Big Ted’ – who she’ll be dragging with her to see Playschool live next month, & who is already a favourite… I, however, was surprised & disheartened by the lack of oppy lovely for me.

But – thankfully – all was not lost!

Golden Hands

The last oppy saw me lugging away a massive stack of Golden Hands mags & a cute old magazine rack to keep them in. I LOVE these mags… the models, the crafts, the guys jauntily smoking pipes… it’s all good, baby. I’ll share some of my favourite parts of them soon. I will… but you know, I am forced to admit, that even if I had come away empty handed (no!), it still would have been a pretty awesome day.

Twinkle Twinkle

Punky rocks, you know?


  1. meh. I have ALWAYS kept my eyes opened for rainbow brite and have NEVER found her, so you are LUCKY!!
    The perfect companion for punk :) You can even stay back after the playschool concert and get stuff signed!
    ps. GPS's are AWESOME. great gift, I think it NEEDS a groovy home made cover tho.... just to shit him

  2. I asked for and got a GPS for Christmas. I didn't tell Hubs it was so I could find the great thrift shops and quilt stores without toting him along like a reticent child.

    Is that a boxer?

  3. Rainbow Brite! I've missed you! I wish I had never let my little sister have you...

    Just Saturday I happened down a toy aisle and stopped with heart racing at the rainbow streak that caught my eye. Barely able to breath I looked up to see the golorious colors of Rainbow Brite... and then I said out loud, 'What the HELL have they done to you?' (the same reaction i have every time my daughter plays with Strawberry Shortcake).

    So I am in awe of your old school delight! Treasure her!

  4. Claire - I actually DOES need a cover... I was thinking something vintage & floral.... ;)

    Bea - lol. She (Holly) is a Boxer X... Crossed with what we don't quite know, she's goofy looking & HUGE!

    crzylady - There is a new Rainbow Brite.... Noooooooooooo!!! I don't think I want to know... :( I don't like the new Strawberry Shortcake either, but as far as dolls go, she's on an entirely different planet to *shiver* Bratz etc, so I wouldn't ming Le Punk playing with her. I love that the Carebears are still around relatively unscathed, but my little pony...?! They put them on a diet!

  5. Punks definitely scored, as well as Rainbow Brite!!(at this point I'm tempted to write down the song but then again after what happened with Dangermouse, amazing! I decided against it.) , I'm rather envious of BIG Ted and I can see why he's a favourite already.
    Golden Hands hurray are sooo good!

  6. aww that's super cute, sounds fun cruising with Punky

  7. RAINBOW BRITE!!!! Lucky duck...I too am so upset that they feel the need to alter her these days. blah

    Love the photos!!!!

  8. You have noticed the Punky/Rainbow similarity right? Does her face smell? (Rainbow Bright, not Punky) The Rainbow bright doll I had when I was little smelled like strawberries...nah, hang on, that was strawberry shortcake! When are they brining her back? She'll probably be low carb even if they do.

    I LOVE 70's crochet and knitting mags. I have one with floor length dresses done in crochet and men wearing mid-drift floral motif vests and doing James Bond poses as if they have even a modicum of masculinity left. Gold stuff.

  9. Nice haul Vic. Hehe, I love your woofaliss-cute! Could have a bit of Staff in there ;)
    I have managed to find some Rainbow Brite dolls for T, we have the boys as well. They ARE hard to come by..
    Mmm Golden Hands...see if I have any double-ups

  10. BIG ted!!! so very cool, lucky little Punky!
    gorgeous pics Ms Le Punks Mumma.
    hope little one is better soon


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