Beards Are Sexy….

…I think so, I do! I know there are quite a few ladies out there who would vehemently disagree, and gentlemen too no doubt, but I also happen to know that there are many like me, I know this, because they’re even making bags about it….


(from here)

I want one, yep, but I do not need (I don’t! Do you hear me self?! I do NOT!) another tote (..or a beard…).

I am kinda hanging out for The Boy’s holidays in March because I have extracted a promise from him that he won’t shave the whole time, just for me! It has been a long time, much too long, since he had a beard – our last proper holiday in fact, years & years ago. With his long hair he looked a bit like a cross between Jesus & Lion and I thought that was just tops. I’ve even found some beard growing tips for him, to keep him motivated….

And, because even Mamas deserve a little eye candy now & then, here are my top 5 bearded blokes…! (Word of warning, if you are susceptible to high blood pressure at all, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, Google “Johnny Depp” images only…. *swoon*)

1. Um… have a guess….


2. Jim Morrison. Beautiful, beautiful, woolly Jim Morrison.


3. *sigh*


4. Brad “Do I really need to tell you his last name? Okay fine then I’ll say it but just because you’re looking at me like that not because I don’t think you don’t know it because you so do” Pitt.


5. Chris Robinson.


Also deserving of honourable mentions in my fave beards category are Rob Zombie, Ryan Dunn from Jackass, Oliver Platt & Keifer in “The Three Musketeers” and the entire cast of “300”…

Are you all for beards or do you find them creepy?! Do tell…!


  1. I'm definitely a fan of beards. They are INCREDIBLY sexy and the pure definition of masculine. :-)

  2. ew, not a fan.
    i like clean shaven pretty boys lol.

    but, johnny depp and kurt <3 they look dead sexy with either a beard or no beard!


  3. i was about to retch at your initial suggestion but you do raise five very good points

    can't say I enjoy mo-vember in my house though!
    M0-vember = no kissy month

  4. Oh gee, flush, Johnny Depp really is a spunk, isn't he?
    I dare you to come with another 5 such excellently put points that mostaches (however you spell it)- are sexy!!! Ah, I see Miss Prudence has a similar thought!

  5. Now now Miss Prudence & Tanya - Mo's have their place too, but only a nice handlebar mo, in my opinion. All others look a bit... off.
    I so wanted to take up your challenge Tanya, but preliminary googling doesn't give me much hope... ;)
    (Having said that though, the mo is an essential part of my beard love, I don't like the Abe Lincoln look at all....)

  6. who doesn't love a beard- and a mo- in fact, i have written before about this on my blog- so forgive me if i am repeating myself - we had "handle bar mo" as the dress code to our WEDDING! true! So I am with you. nice top 5 too. who doesn't love Johnny Depp? seriously show me someone that doesn't think he is good looking???!!!!

  7. 3 years ago my girlfriends and I went to see these guys "The Beards" live. It was hillarious, wetting pants material.

    They are on youtube:




    Hope you get a giggle out of them

  8. Oh. I just bought that bag. Love a tote, never have too many! And DrMr is beardy (he looks like Jesus - if Jesus dressed like a hobo. I even call him Hobo jesus)

  9. Jim with a beard = my jaw on the floor.

    Beards are sexy, long live the beard!

  10. mmm Johnny Depp, yep that's a good pic, thanks Vic!
    My partner gets a bit of that at work when he wears his chef bandana, he looks like johnny or Orlando. so I do love a bit of stubble.
    mmm, again..yummy pics...

  11. You take the beard and I'll take Johnny. But if forced, I would take Johnny, beard and all!

  12. I would be in deep trouble if I found beards creepy as my husband has a very nice one ( I especially like that it makes him not look twelve which he does when he dosn't have one!!!) I'm actually sort of proud that he couldnt grow a beard or had any chest hair until after we married(he was 27!)I can totally say I put hair on his chest he he.

  13. Can't do beards.. they make normal men look like my father.

    In fact two men I obsess over (david duchovny and Robbie Williams) both made me cry when I say them with beards and realized they looked JUST like my dad and I do have some oedipus issues I just didn't know it.

  14. I do like beards, not all but, when it's good, it's really good. The Engineer sports a beard, when it gets especially full, I call him my mountain man!

  15. male lions have manes.
    male humans have beards.

    women and men who associate beards with something dirty or disgusting are suffering from from years of media brainwashing.

  16. Oh it seems so many of you have hairy hubbies - lucky girls! I especially like the nicknames "Hobo Jesus" (!!!) & "My Mountain Man" - too cute.

    Sam & Isis - Isn't Jim just... just... well, isn't he though...?! *sigh*

    Cath - that sounds so cool - do your wedding pics look like you were married in the 70s?!

    Cathie - Your hubby looks like JD?! I hate you.

    Kylie, that IS quite an accomplishment!

    And crzylady - Issues. You have them. ;)

    Anon - Me thinks you are either a bearded man or a woman who loves one. You are right, beards are increadibly masculine & natural, but, be it "the media"s fault or not, they aren't really in fashion anymore & as you can see just from these few comments, everybody has their own opinion on the matter. I wonder if bearded men are ever discriminated against because of their facial hair...? I've never thought about it before...

  17. I agree totally! Beards are sexy.

    I beg my hubby to not shave whenever we have holidays.


  18. I love beards!!! Very very sexy :)


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