A Little Bit of Sunshine…

First of all, I want to thank everyone that left me a comment and/or sent me an email about my last post and about my mysterious pain; I really appreciate your thoughts and advice and I’m sure it has contributed to my feeling much better emotionally today, even if I still feel pretty crap physically.

I discovered yesterday that hanging out with Le Punk in the play/craft room, playing podcast upon podcast and slowly, very slowly, cutting out patterns and fabric, agreed with me. I actually forgot about the pain for a while and sort of zoned out… bliss! A bit more of the same today and I have finished my swap gift – it certainly brought the sun out here today and I am stupidly happy with how it turned out considering my situation right now, my swapee will be lucky if it makes it to the mail…


I can show it to you now because it’s intended recipient has no idea who she is, but I certainly hope she likes it! I am just going make or round up a couple more spring-type things to go with it and I will send it off – a little parcel of sunshine to herald the coming of long-awaited Spring.


For the peeps playing along with my swap, here is a little flickr group to upload your outgoing goodies and your incoming sunshine, so we can all “ooooh!” and “aaahhhh!”.




It annoys me to write this but I think I am done with my makings for now, unless I am miraculously better in the next hour or two, I just physically cannot do it.

I did go to the Doctor yesterday, a different one, I KNEW what would happen, but I was in so much pain I went anyway. I had to tell the whole story, I was crying in her office from exhaustion, pain & frustration, having to explain & re-explain why it wasn’t the small list of ‘possible ailments’ she was suggesting that had me there, until finally I was sent on my way with a shrug & some painkillers.

After another night of pain & not much sleep, I am feeling pretty shit, pretty lost, & I don’t know where to go from here. If it doesn’t go away, or at the very least, ease, soon, I think we’ll be off to Emergency again, just because I can’t sit here any longer, not because I think it will get me any closer to an answer. As it is I can’t function properly at all, & am on the verge of tears constantly.

Ah. Bugger. Thanks guys for your comments & well-wishes – if only they were enough. Sorry to bore you with my whinging – I think you can see from this that whinging is just about all I can do right now!


A quick make & a big whinge…

I’m sure you are as sick of hearing about how sick I am as I am about telling you – but we all know whinging makes you feel very slightly better, as you snuggle under a blanket of self pity… so skip the next paragraph if you just can’t bear anymore!


…but seriously, this is ridiculous. The mysterious pain has returned, and  quite frankly, it hurts, or seems to hurt, worse than ever…. to the point that I have been awake since 4am, can’t sit, stand or lie comfortably, can’t bend over or stand up straight. You’ll tell me to go to the Doctor, but, I won’t. I have been to the Doctor about this. I have been to emergency about this. I have even had a small procedure in hospital that ‘they’ thought might relieve this, only weeks ago. They don’t know what it is. Of course I don’t know what it is. I thought maybe it was the wheat thing – but I have been eating wheat & gluten normally now for a few weeks without issue, until yesterday… is it possible to only get (severe, bring tears to your eyes) pain with an incredible build up of wheat or whatever over time?? I don’t know, and I’m frustrated, upset, and ridiculously uncomfortable. My temper is short and I’m feeling so down, because I know that even when the pain goes (please go soon!) it will be back and again I will have no recourse. *sigh*


Despite feeling like death warmed up, I still wanted to make something today. I didn’t want to let the pain dictate to me, I didn’t want to fail the promise I made to myself more than anything, to get back on the creating train. I thought I’d cheat though, and make something that didn’t actually require any physical effort – an animation for My Poppet’s Animation Friday which I have been meaning to do, but when I popped over to have another look at how to do it, I saw her post about knitting needles, with a link to these knitting needle bracelets, and I thought “That looks easy enough”. I have been meaning to make these for ages, they were in a magazine – maybe even Better Homes & Gardens, about a zillion years ago, and I have been collecting colourful knitting needles just because…


They were quick (so quick they’re still wet in the photos!), they were easy and that is my making done for today. They are bright & made me smile. They are even keeping Le Punk occupied while I type which is great, because I certainly don’t have the energy, poor love.



The most I achieved with my spring swap project today was photographing it this morning – but I DID get something done today!


My Mum sent me some opped baby clothes last week, including a plain white jumpsuit, since The Boy was coming with us today, & driving, almost as an afterthought I grabbed the little suit & some embroidery stuff as we were heading out the door – it is amazing what you think of when you feel obliged to make something, when you are actually making ‘making’ a priority.


I am under no illusions as to the quality of my embroidery, or even the design itself as I just stitched freehand & hoped for the best, but I think the wee robot turned out cute enough, and with babies, well, cute is all that matters.


My Creative Space.

So, today is day 5 of making something everyday for 2 weeks. I am not optimistic. We’re off to town for the morning & part of the afternoon, and again I’m feeling cruddy.


The fabric & pattern has arrived for my spring swap project, but I think that might be a bit ambitious for the possible half an hour I’ll have available this afternoon… I might at least get it cut out… could that count as ‘making a start’?!

For more Creative Spaces, you know where to go!


Rainy Day Pinnie.


I honestly didn’t think I’d make anything today. I thought day 4 would be the end of me – I felt so tired & sick this morning all I wanted to do was stay in bed, but eventually I started feeling better & crept out the back for some quiet sewing time while The Boy & Le Punk ransacked the house.


I used the Christina Tunic pattern from Mamu, but I wanted it to be reversible, so after sitting & scratching my head for an embarrassingly long time trying to figure out how to do that, exactly, this tutorial really helped me out.



The beautiful dyed doily on the pink side came from Jo, I think? The embroidered whatever-it-is on the other was from the oppy…


A Post of ‘Firsts’.

Today I made my first maternity shirt.

The first shirt for myself, ever, that wasn’t refashioned.

Today I re-threaded my dusty overlocker & got it stitching moderately okay for the first time, without the manual.

Today, for the first time, I didn’t give up at the first sign of trouble on the knit fabric front.


I used buttons to add design interest (…or maybe to hide a big hulking oops… Probably not for the first time, admittedly…) on the neckline.


I realised today for the first time, after attempting to get a nice shot of me wearing this shirt of firsts, that I will be wearing nothing but black for the rest of my pregnancy because I look like a small house. You will not, I repeat not, be seeing any full-body shots of me in the foreseeable future, which I doubt you particularly wanted to see, but I’m just putting it out there…

Podcasts – share your favourites!


…I beg of you! Nay, demand of you!

A couple of days ago I found The Boy’s neglected iPod (it was abandoned pretty much the day we got a car & he decided he was never going to walk anywhere, ever again…), I gave it to him a few years ago, when they were almost-new, for Christmas. That Christmas I got some weird little piece of plastic that looked like half a cigar, with the disclaimer; “The guy in the shop said it was just as good as an iPod…”. Huh. But I digress… that is a whole ‘nother post about how crap he is at presents…

ANYWHO, I backed up a gazillion photos onto it, transferred all my music onto it & downloaded some podcasts – just because I could, and I am in love. In love with the iPod (my plastic cigar was, I’m afraid, not ‘just as good’…), in love with having some tunes out in the craft room & in love with interesting & unexpected podcasts, although I was a bit disappointed with the craft ones I downloaded.


I ask you.

What are your favourite podcasts?! Do tell!

I downloaded Hamish & Andy, even though I try not to like them, because everybody likes them (yeah, I’m that person. Harry Potter, Twilight, Sex in the city, even Avatar… no interest whatsoever…), & damn they are funny. I was listening to them in bed before going to sleep & woke up The Boy with my poorly stifled giggles.

I also downloaded John Safran’s Sunday night show from JJJ, because I adore Father Bob, a little Stephen Fry, the 3AW breakfast show (those guys are so FAST!) & some random other stuff, but I need more, MORE!!!!


Need VS Want


It was sunny again this morning, despite the weather forecasts, which meant I could get a bit more laundry done. Since this is day two of making something every day, I thought I’d get some washing on the line & then decide what to make a start on from my ever-growing ‘to do’ list. I was thinking maybe a pinnie for Le Punk or a top for me, or bunting maybe… but having to drop pegs on the ground to fit the clothes on the line made me realise that I really couldn’t do without a peg bag any longer…


…so I busted out Kelly Doust’s The Crafty Minx, found an opped tea towel that I had been “saving” (for what I don’t know…) & made one.


Of course, not long after I finished it the sky clouded over, the temperature dropped & rain loomed, but it’s all ready for the next sunny day, which I hope comes sooner rather than later. I love how the donkey looks to be peeking out… I totally planned that. *coughs*


PS, Just a quick note to bias binding; I frikkin hate you.


From NOW.

I’m joining in with Lauren & making one thing a day for the next two weeks. Drawings count. She said so.


This is, obviously, a robo-cat. I drew him last night, which means I still have something else to make or draw today. Hmmm.


Sunday Sunny Sunday…

What a beautiful day it was here today! I was ITCHING to get started on my little sumpin sumpin for my secret swapee, but as I’m waiting on the pattern AND the fabric, I made do with a bit of faux spring cleaning & relaxing outside…




Handmade Beginnings by Anna Maria Horner arrived on Friday – it is such a beautiful book & I already have a couple of projects earmarked. If I don’t make at least a couple of pairs of these;


disown me.

And I can so see this lightshade/mobile idea translated into a robot version, can’t you?!




The weather forecast for the rest of the week is not looking great, so I’m glad we enjoyed some sun while we could, hope your Sunday was just as relaxed & warm!

Google Analytics; Keywords.

Again I have been amusing myself with weird searches that have somehow sent peeps to my blog:


  • aunty lover – I don’t even WANT to know what that’s about…
  • big butts aunties – Oh. So THAT’S what it’s about… *shiver*
  • i love you eunice – Well now, I’m sure Eunice loves you too, but my how I hope she’s not your Auntie….
  • lopsided cake stands – Why I never!
  • pictures of punkie flies – …are they the ones with the teeny tiny mohawks…?!


Bunting Baby!

God I love bunting. It is just ace. I don’t know if there is anything much that can’t be improved with a bit o’bunting, you can’t help but smile & feel a wee bit festive when you see it. Well I can’t, anyway…


Above: Such a simple idea but oh-so-effective. I adore this garland wall hanging from Pilli Pilli on Etsy.

Below: Damn this dress is gorgeous. Kate has some mad skillz in the creative sewing department… I’m jealous!


Below: *sigh* More spring-spiration, a gorgeous spring bunting tutorial from In Color Order.



Above: A crochet garland even I could manage, and that is saying something.

Below: I looooooooooooooooooooove Nic’s printed ‘Make Your Own Bunting’ panels – I think it would look great as it is, on the craft room wall, to inspire you to sew ridiculous amounts of bunting, to buntify your whole house, the backyard, the car… but she thinks you should, like, MAKE bunting out of it or something. Either/Or.


Have a festive (cold, dreary, line-up-with a bunch of others & lament the waste of paper… & hot air…) Saturday!


Before you vote for ‘Pedro’…


…go here & read this.

Go, go, go…

…that’s what the last few days have been like for Le Punk, & just watching her (& trudging around a crowded city/zoo/museum) has me exhausted & happy to be home (for an hour or two, anyway).















More from my bedroom – God I love it in there now, I spent an hour or so reading in there yesterday afternoon after The Boy got home to occupy Le Punk & it was so nice for a change; it has been the case in the past that I avoided the room except to fall exhausted into bed at night, I kept the door shut even, so I wouldn’t have to look in there!


While mucking about in there on the weekend, I decided I needed shelves. I didn’t have any shelves though, and I am impatient, so when I found my red flip clock from Typo still in it’s box, and another box from one of the mugs I bought when I was there last, one of those cartoon light bulbs popped up over my head.


More shocking news – The Boy loves this too! And not in the “Yeah, it looks okay” kind of way, but in the “Oh. That looks pretty good!” kind of way. WIN. (Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd, a trip to Typo is in my imminent future…. excited much?!)


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