We have the technology.



I picked this up at the oppy more for the fabulous snapshot of bygone technology than the actual knitting patterns, but happily the patterns I might be tempted to try (…if it gets even colder & I forget I’m crap at knitting because I don’t want to go out the back to sew in the ice-box) are on the simpler side so Punk may yet be forced into some sort of mismatched thrifted yarn creation.


I personally have memories of clicking the dial on the telly; fuzz, fuzz, fuzz, cartoons with a line scrolling across the screen, fuzz, fuzz, fuzz…


Accidentally opening the back of the camera when it wasn’t wound off enough…


Not having a rewind on the cassette player so having to fast-forward on the opposite side to the one you wanted to listen to in order to listen to a song again.


Headphone’s so big & padded that I felt like I was a fighter pilot & having to hold them there if I wanted the music in my ears & not circulating around my neck.


Which of these do you remember?



Fifty Cents.

An adorable wee tea infuser.


Made in England.


Fifty frikkin cents.


This is why I shop at Opshops.


The Day Dreamer.

My brooch swap brooch arrived yesterday & I LOVE IT. I wore it all day yesterday even though I was in shlubby around the house clothes & not going anywhere. Poor brooch probably hoped it’s debut would be more exciting.


Many thanks to Jo of Luna Landing for making it for me & to Susie for hosting a wonderful swap.


A little bit of sad news regarding my own cushion swap; two participants have contacted me to say that they have not received their covers & that is very unfortunate. I don’t doubt for a moment that their partners posted their covers but they may be lost in the mail – if anybody is interested in being a swap angel & making a replacement cover for someone who missed out, let me know. Much public praise shall be heaped upon you!


Cool stuff for hot dogs.


Above: A punchy sky blue raincoat with classic mod styling to keep dry on a dismal day.

Below: Practical yet stylish, 2 in 1 harness for leisurely walks in the park & exhilarating drives along winding coastal roads…



Above: No self-respecting blogger’s dog could be without their very own knitted neck-warmer…

Below: …or designer fabric caplet.



Above: A luxurious snuggle-sack for a burrowing pooch.

Below: Hehehehe.


Just some regular every-day window shopping (click pics for links). For no reason whatsoever. *whistles innocently*


Dog’s Breakfast.


I’ve finished my hottie cover for Cam, but it’s a bit of a dog’s breakfast I’m afraid.


The bias binding on the ends are, quite frankly, not only my worst attempts ever at my old nemesis, but the worst attempts at bias binding in the history of the world, ever.


I would re-do it but I am scared I’d ruin it even further so I am just going to pretend it’s perfectly fine & that all bias binding looks like it was actually sewn on by a dog…


….and the inside is just…. abominable. The blanket frayed more than I thought it would & …*trails off into a litany of whiny excuses*


I do like the floppy ear though. That’s something.




I do find some small comfort in the thought that one day, she will have a daughter who does this to her room less than 24 hours after it has been meticulously tidied.



I NEED a copy of Mollie Makes. I do. Issue 1, preferably, the one with my bloggy bud Lola in it (although I won’t say no to #2, too…).


If anyone, anywhere can send me a copy I will pay & be so grateful! It seems nigh on impossible to find here, although it is supposed to be available, the newsagents that are meant to have it, at least around here, do not.

**UPDATE: The lovely Lola Nova herself was able to procure me a copy of issue #1 AND my local newsagent may be able to get it in for me in the future, if I keep bugging them... hoorah!


Not that kind of Weiner.

This post is nothing at all to do with that stupid American guy & his Twitter faux paux, & everything to do with the adorable Dachshund & their adorable fur paws. (See what I did there?)

1946 billboard22

We have been looking at getting a doggle for a while. We did have one, the sweetest girl you could ever hope to meet, who anyone that has been reading here for long enough will remember. Holly, an American Bulldog, a rescue dog I fell in love with & travelled over 4 hours to pick up about a year before Punky was born. It was with a heavy heart that we had to rehome Hol last year; she was miserable in our teeny tiny yard after the freedom of our enormous rental property & she could hardly walk through the house without bumping into things, she being so huge & the house being so small. Never meant to be an outside dog, especially here in the freezing cold, Miss Holly deserved better. I didn’t want to blog about it at the time (I have tears in my eyes even now) & Punky still occasionally comes out with “I miss Holly.” which breaks my heart. I know though that she went to a loving home where she could get the attention & space she so needed, which eases the heartache a little, but I don’t want to go through any of that again. The next dog that comes into our family is going to be here for good.

long hp sauce

Miss Punk adores her Gran’s Jack Russels; one hyper lunatic named Gypsy & one dignified but ailing Jack, & while I don’t mind them, particularly Jack, I can’t say I’m a Jack Russel fan.

1957 Cute Dachshund Dog Bath Wheeling Steel Ad

Instead, I have been mounting a campaign for the sausage dog. I have been cooing over pictures, reading up on their care & casually dropping the words “doxie” & “dachshund” into unrelated conversations. Punky in particular is starting to come around. She saw a video of a Dachshund running; little legs flat out, ears akimbo, & said “I want that sausage!”. I’ll be able to send her & Suspence out with it to buy lighters like in the picture below. Handy!


I love it when a plan comes together.

Incidentally, there is a registered doxie breeder very close by. I have contacted her about a puppy (standard smooth for anyone interested in that sort of thing) & she is planning a litter later in the year, which gives me more time to not only convince The Mr that we have been getting a dachshund all along, but save up the cash too.

1959 ad2

In the meantime however, I will continue to swoon over pictures & stories of these quirky little canines, so don’t be alarmed if you see sausage dog related posts popping up unexpectedly around here. I think it goes without saying that I would love to hear about any Dachshunds you may have had yourself; I just can’t get enough of their burrowing, snuggling, brave & spoilt ways.

(Pictures all via ‘The Long and the Short of it all’)


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