Five Favourites…

Feeling Blah again today – I think my spleen hurts… can a spleen hurt?! Is there a doctor in the house..?! Anyway, to take my mind off the possibility of imminent & certain death, I’m playing along with Lovely Pip’s Five Favourites


Three Birds & a Bike Oxfam dress from Clothkits – How. Cute. I am dying to make a Clothkits something but don’t have the $$$ to spare… ever.


These simple (simply wonderful!) crocheted sheep by crocheting machine Amanda of Pardon My Chaos… perhaps these are in my future for Bubba 2’s room.?


Nostalgic Pop Blythe – If ever there was a Blythe I’d quite like, thank you, this is she.


Vintage Office Rubber Stamp Kit from Fredflare – what’s not to like?


86 Sushi Tank from Rock Star Moms – as they say, if you can’t eat it (the raw stuff) you might as well wear it!

Wow… I DO feel better… thanks Pip!


The Notorious Bettie Page.

I watched this last night & enjoyed it very much – even if I was disappointed by the ending, where the lovely Ms Page frumps it up with a bible.










My New Project…

Is daunting & scary & going to take a while… a long while…


The Loft isn’t working. All my sewing/crafty/painty stuff is up here (as is the computer, which I think has been contributing to my lack of blogging enthusiasm of late) but I never, NEVER use it. I can’t.


I am very, very rarely without a Punk to look after, which means if I want to sew she has to come up too – and make a hell of a mess & play with dangerous things like pins & needles, OR be left down stairs to her own devices which is actually infinately worse.


By the time she is in bed I don’t feel very creative or productive at all & just want to veg in front of the heater… so something must be done, and that something is to try to turn a rather un-kid-friendly, grotty space into half playroom half sewing room – this sort of arrangement worked well at our other house – Punk could play & I could keep an eye on her while making – but geez, it’s going to take a tonne of work to get this sorted nicely – and I have bubba #2’s room to do too yet…

Wish me luck!


My Slightly Late Creative Space.

I have a headache & am feeling blah, but just wanted to quickly share where I am up to on my new knitting project;


And what my Gran has been up to in HER creative space… The dirty show-off.


More here.


I actually… finished something… knitted….

Ummmmmm…. wow.

At the grand old age of 28, this is my first ever real knitted anything that wasn’t abandoned half way through, messed up entirely or a scarf.


I know the colour is… questionable, but to be honest, I didn’t actually think I would finish (don’t you just love that cheesy grin? That’s what you get when you say “SMILE!”)…


I love that I am equally clueless about knitting AND crochet, meaning I can turn to the other when one is giving me a headache – and I can add stuff like a cute crochet rose to a garishly coloured knitted vest.


The pattern is from a ye olde opshop knitting pamphlet… I didn’t measure Punk or anything so I just totally guessed which size & hoped for the best. I am so chuffed, it hurts.


To Market, To Market…

I had been looking forward to a wee little market a little bit out of town all week – it sounded like just my bag, you see, unlike our local market, so yesterday I set off, funky Punky in tow, and had a lovely time…



It was exactly what I’d hoped for, a friendly little eclectic market with friendly eclectic people. Miss Punk made some instant friends & spent an age jump, jump, jumping about on the air castle. (Side note; do you know, that here, in Victoria, the locals say “Cassel”? I find this as fascinating as I do irritating…)



Aren’t these art dolls just beautiful? Punky picked out the one with the flower, but as we were leaving I rushed back to get the gorgeous pair, I would have regretted it if I hadn’t. Love. LOVE! They are now happily situated on what is fast becoming ‘the handmade goodness’ side of Punk’s mantle.


Was your weekend all woohoo & yeahaw too? I hope so!


Stuff, baby.

Oh how I love thee! So much so that I am always more than a little suspicious of those who don’t love you so much, or don’t have so much… how do they get their addictive flashes of nostalgia, or that warm fuzzy feeling that only a cute birdie egg cup can give…?!


My favourite & my best find this week came in the form of a GORGEOUS, DEVINE, ABSOLOUTELY AMAZING, vintage Virgo coat, picked up at an oppy after Gymbaroo for a ridiculous $3. Yep. $3. Even The Boy was impressed with this find. It’s a wee bit too small for my ginormous & ever growing girth, but I am keeping it out, on display almost, as my ‘after bubba goal coat’…. waaaaaaaaaaaaaay after



Even though there were heaps upon heaps of garage sales yesterday I didn’t hold out a whole lot of hope – I felt I’d had my glorious find of the week & none of the gazillions of listed garage sales sounded all that great to me on paper, so we went, The Punk and I, but grudgingly, and shivering as it was DAMN COLD yesterday morning…!

Just as I suspected, there wasn’t much of anything, although Punky managed to find herself a little sumpin sumpin at virtually every stop.


But then.

There was this;


And these;


Bringing my stuff quota up for the week & making me marvellously happy.

For more Flea market finds visit the ever lovely Miss Sophie… I know I will!






Surely I’m not the only one…? Now I’m not saying that sailing about solo for 7 months in dangerous seas at 16 is not an achievement, nor am I saying I wish she hadn’t succeeded, but what I am saying is I could really care less & I am sick of seeing the bloody pink boat everywhere & hearing her name & hearing other people’s views on her & yadda yadda yadda yadda… Is it too much to ask for real news now? (Thank the Gods for SBS…)


Now or never.


…that is, if I don’t show you these awesome blocks I got at the oppy the week before last I never bloody will. I didn’t share straight away because I had to take pictures of all the different sides…






The best blocks I have EVER SEEN (and they’re MINE. Not Punk’s, oh no. MINE!).




Rock and/or roll.

Yesterday there was an absolute plethora of Garage Sales around these parts and Miss Punk and I took full advantage.



It was more of a “Garage Sale Gifts” day, though, as opposed to a “Lots of goodies for Vic” day… having said that I did get a whole bunch of sewing patterns for $4, and, all for under $50; talking family guy figures for my aunt, a frikkin POOL TABLE for the boy, toys, clothes, an Alice in Wonderland DVD and (my favourite) some FANTASTIC pictures for The Punk.


I had actually admired one of these pictures on someone’s blog a while back, and when I saw them on the table yesterday I was thrilled – and they looked even better in person. The lady told Punky that she had them in her room when she was a little girl (and she still had them… isn’t that great?!). A whole $5 was shelled out for the lot, and they’re already pride of place above Punkster’s mantle-piece.


For more flea market finds, you know where to go….


My Creative Space…

Having forgotten my decision to post MCS “the night before”, I am madly scrambling to do it now, before we head off only to return in the late afternoon when I, well, just can’t be assed.


Just a *teensy* bit excited to join in with Kirsty’s meme today… I’ve been doing lots of something I don’t normally do, snuggled up in front of the heater. Actually… two somethings I don’t normally do… and CURSING myself for not buying some of the lurvly yarn I fondled at Stitches & Craft… the only yarn I have being a mismatched hodgepodge from the oppy…

I have been… knitting!


A scarf! It’s all rolled up at the sides – according to my Gran, aka “The knitting sage”, if I’d knitted the first & last five stitches of each purl row that would nae have happened, but as I didn’t know that until the scarf was a considerable length already, I’m hoping an iron and/or a wash will sort it out when I’m done. I also learned from The Sage that what I thought was purling was actually some kind of weird ass backwards knitting, so we got that sorted out once and for all…

I have also been…. crocheting!

flat circle

…and, enjoying it… for a change. Finally I’ve figured out how to (kinda sorta) understand bits of my crochet book & learned how to keep my circles flat… AND, how to make flowers. And roses. I am ridiculously, in proportionately proud of my roses… even if on the bigger one I ran out of yarn… I just can’t believe that;

a) I made that and

b) I made it with CROCHET.


It is, I think, a miracle.


Hungry Like The Wolf.


Little Red Riding Hood inspired pictures for your Wednesday morning, I’ve been a little preoccupied with fairytales lately…










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