What’s Your Song?

I just watched ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ – it’s not a favourite or anything, it’s much to schmaltzy & I have an unreasonable dislike of Julia Roberts, but it was on telly & I couldn’t be bothered changing the channel.


There’s a bit in there, or two bits, where they talk about “their song” & it reminded me of “Our Song”, The Boy’s & mine, and made me wonder what it is about a particular song that makes it worthy of being a couple’s special “our song” in the first place…

Ours is “Love Her Madly” by The Doors. Truth be told, I had never listened to The Doors before I met The Boy… I fell in love with him & Jim Morrison at the same time… The Boy sang this to me once, in his terrible singing voice, probably trying to be earnest but just making me laugh.

This song reminds me of crazy times that seem both so long ago & not that long ago… of getting to know each other & starting out on our rather eventful journey together. It’s a beautiful song (on an amazing album) & I’m glad it’s ours. Much better than the other song he sang to me once… ‘Blue’ by Eiffel 65….

Do you have a song?


  1. Our Song is "Perfect Day" by lou reed

  2. What a great song. I love love love Jim (and dream about him frequently - is that odd?)

    And great post idea.. I'll be working on it tonight :)

  3. Our song is "Stop And Stare" by OneRepublic. And I can only say: You don't choose the song, the song choses you!!! (MTV sucks - the song was on tv all the time, so it's become "our song", even though we don't like it.)

  4. P.S.: If I sang "Blue" for you you would love it (and me) :).

  5. Oh Oh I love that song DEL - it's awesome...!

    crylady - I dunno about 'odd' bloody lucky maybe...?! ;)

    Gabi - I don't know if I would... like "Blue" that is, not not love you... You are adorable, so you're pretty hard to resist, even without the singing... ox

  6. this is such a great song. Just love the way your boy sung it to you in his "terrrible singing voice" somehow makes it all the more special and romantic.
    me+No man=no song. sorry Vic.x

  7. my boy got me onto the Doors too, don't know what our song is though... i think it would be by scissor sisters!

  8. oh oh also 'let's stick together' by al green

  9. The Doors, what an ace choice!

    Our first is Foo Fighters -Big Me, which hubby used to sing to me in the first weeks of knowing each other.

    Then there is Nights in White Satin by The Moody Blues - the only song we can 'jam' to as he plays guitar and I play flute.

    THEN our wedding song, to top it off was I found a reason by Cat Power.

    -OH, then there is burning ring of fire -which hubby insists on singing in his best Jonny Cash voice whilst in the bathroom, AND one of my fav songs by Nick Cave, “Into my arms”, which Hubby Hates and loudly sings over the top of Nicks sexy baratone "into my A*ss" instead of “Into my arms”.

    and here is me, half an essay later after having thought we never really had 'a song' -We have a whole sound track! Feeling just a little sentimental now.

  10. Jess - You SO have a song *ahem* "If you go down to the woods today, you're in for a big suprise...." ;)

    Isis - Ooh yeah, scissor sisters!

    Bianca - You DO have a whole soundtrack & I love it! Your boy sounds like he has the same annoying sense of humour as mine lol.


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