More Inkscape…

A while ago I found Inkscape (a freeware alternative to Illustrator), used up some of my precious internet download limit & started playing with it.

It seems kinda hard to learn when you’re not used to vector based drawing programs, but I’m having fun experimenting. This was my first attempt, and below is something I made yesterday, playing with some clipart… just creating something so simple tested out my limited knowledge of the program, I’m thinking of getting a manual for it, rather than get lost in the gazillions of internet tutorials… have any of you lovelies had a play? Have you mastered it? Isn’t it fun?!



  1. Yep - I'm a big fan and use it to create all of my designs. There are some great tutorials online (youtube is a good place to start), but I recently bought "The Book of Inkscape" online which fills lots of knowledge gaps for me. Have fun and love the pic! Nic

  2. this is really cute. i'm obsessed with vector, it is my thing i have to say, but i've got illustrator so i can't help you out there. some tutorials would be really worth while though or you probably won't learn as much as you could.


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