Pleasure & Pain.



Massive vintage trunks, $3 ea.


HUGE dollhouse, $5 (You should have seen me wrestling it into the car…)



Kitchy cute figurines & planters, 50 cents ea.


Enamelware & cake tins, $3 the lot.


Old mirror, matching teapot to last week’s tan one in orange, potholders…. $2.50


More potholders & pyrex $2.


Being THIRTY SECONDS LATE for a vintage picnic set in a briefcase, marked $10 but sold to the (#$%^@!$) picky woman for $5 because “…it’s not a complete set.”

I could have cried.

I almost did.

If you ever come acrosS one kids, think of me won’t you, if you’re not the vintage picnic set in a briefcase type? I’ll love you forever!


  1. Bummer about the picnic set...But seriously cool finds "Love the dollhouse". I wish I could find oppurtunities like this around here....

  2. I do believe you have made up for last weeks dearth of second hand goodness.

    My dear Vic, I too am on the hunt for a vintage picnic set in a briefcase/basket/tin, have been for two years now. I came close once, but like you, I was seconds too late. Thank you for bringing up that painful memory, I shall think of you every time I pass that particular garage.

  3. Oh my! Are you going to be one of the women who they have to plough through 3 tonnes of treasured possessions to free from her house?
    Just let us know if you ever need a vegemite sandwich passed through a side window...
    (How funny is that? Word verification "nosell"...nosell but buylots tee, hee)

  4. Thanks Amanda & Cherie! xo

    Lola - Oh my dear - I am saddened that I have dredged up such hideous memories for you today - and hideous memories they would be indeed, if your heartbreak was even a fraction of the pain I felt this morning!

    Perhaps one of us shall stumble upon a plethora of vintage picnic set-y goodness, one or more for each of us...! I can assure you I'll be keeping my eyes peeled...

    Tas - Know my Gran do you?! ;)
    NoSell indeed!

  5. you are the queen of thriftiness. i think i need to stalk you and get some tips

  6. oh man!!!!
    I have 3 vintage trunk suitcases, Im not a fan, but my aunty/uncle gave them to me full of videos that were going to the tip (along with treasures we wont even talk about going to the tip :( but i saved them all lol)
    anyway your welcome to them, maybe i can bring them to melbourne with me on the plane as my "suitcases" and then put my stuff just in ayeshas? do u want them? ;)
    we could trade those CUTE KITSCHY ANIMAL VASES for them, haha joking, what a score for you though.

    i got lucky with the pyrex yesterday, inspired by you ill start taking more pics of my op shop and garage sale finds, i used to do it on flickr and got slack!

    OH and, if i see a picnic set ill buy it just for you :)

  7. Love your garage sale finds. Have seen little lambs like thoses somewhere else before. I love old stuff too but I need a storage shed.

  8. ooooh LOVE those trunks! what a find! hearing the treasures you pick up on a weekly basis makes ME almost cry. keep finding them!
    (and the elusive picninc basket WILL find you. I know it.)
    x Pepper

  9. ohhh that doll house! what a great day of pleasures!
    that pain will go away the day you spot the complete set!!
    have a great weekend

  10. i am soooo loving those suitcases & Punky will love that dolls house..it certainly is a tragic moment & terrible loss to see that perfect item walking out the shop with another...ur perfect piece will come!!! rxx

  11. amazing haul ... and I'll definitely keep an eye out for a vintage picnic set.

  12. Totally loving that doll house. Never had one so Want my daughter to have 1. You have now convinced me to go to markets & all to find treasures.

  13. Midge - I DO have opshopping tips in my sidebar... ;) No garage sale tips mind you... oohparently I suck at that!

    Jodie - As much as I WOULD love them sweet thing, I don't think I could ask you to bring them, they charge extra for baggage these days don't you know... I would feel very bad! If you find me a picnic set, the lambs are YOURS! lol ;)
    Do share your thrifty finds - so I can moon over them from afar...!

    Pepper - no! I promise if you were here, by my side, begging me for something you've wanted forever, and offering me $15 more for it.. well, I'd let you have it goddamnitt... unlike some people. Not that I'm mentioning any names. *coughs*garagesalelady*coughs* ;)

    Rach - I WAS thinking of using the doll house as a bookshelf - it's that big - but now I feel guilty.... Punky DOES already have a dolls house though....

    Susan - thank you! I will have me a posse of opshopping soldiers, on a mission to find the perfect vintage picnic set...! *insert evil laugh here*

    Cathie - I hope so lovely!

    Victoria (ha!) - Go fourth & scavenge my dear. As you know, Victoria means "Victory", and in my instance, it's definately thrift shopping victory I'm after.... but I'll share with a fellow Vic. For now.

  14. Jealous!
    Bummer about the picnic set. Puts a real dampener on your other finds huh :(

  15. I have a major case of suitcase envy.

  16. I'm having some serious dollhouse envy and planter and figurine too. And potholders and pyrex too.
    My god you are a clever thrifter.
    Sorry about the picnic set.
    PS My fridge says hello

  17. I am absolutely drooling at the planters!

  18. Hmmm... yep Gabi, I do believe you did.... ;)

  19. Hello Vic :)

    We hit the garage sales on Saturday too: it looks like you went to the out-of-town one first (all the baking tins and kitschy lambs??) - the stuff at that sale could have filled a whole op shop!

    We did the in-town sales first - I saw that dollhouse - we bought some outdoor chairs from that garage sale.
    Then I bought a couple of baking tins and hubby bought some garden tools from the out-of-town sale. Weren't there so many suitcases! We had a great morning :-)

    Should be at playgroup this week, my little girl had a cold last week so we stayed home.

    Rebecca [of the beachy sling ;) ]

  20. Hey Rebecca!

    Oh HOW AWESOME was the out of town one....?! I was in heaven until the picnic set incident... ;) I wanted all the cases but decided that just the two that actually closed would have to do lol, the ladies running it were super sweet too.

    The others in town were a bit 'meh' - almost didn't go to the one with the dollhouse as it was pretty late after we got back from the good one & had brekkie, but curiosity won out in the end & I'm glad I saw the dollhouse hiding behind the tree...! I keep changing my mind from wanting to decorate it for Punk to use as a dollhouse to wanting to paint it white & use it as a bookshelf... will have to wait until after the move & see what I have space for, me thinks.

    See you Wednesday. :)

  21. What a haul! The price is definitely right. I need to find more areas for thrifting nearby... I practically live in my lcoal op-shop :)

  22. i've just come from Susan's blog [itsthethingsthatmakeyougommmm.blogspot.com] to let you know that she's having a giveaway in the shape of....A PICNIC BASKET..that's right. and it's GORGEOUS! GO SEE for yourself..good luck & hope you win it!!


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