She Made Me Do It.

Tanya, I’m talking about. She wanted to see 5 sexy moustachioed men to go with the bevy of bearded beauties I already provided. So blame her. She made me do it…

1. A childhood crush…


2. Jason Lee.

jason lee

3. Sean Connery.


4. Collin Farrell.


5. Zorro.


And a bonus shot of Mr Depp with nothing but ‘tash…


Wow. That was hard! I do not want you thinking I am a big fan of moustaches though – some have their place (mostly on Tom Selleck’s face), my personal favourite being the rather manly handlebar mo’, but there are many others that look decidedly creepy without a lovely beard to help them out.

This has been part dare, part public service post – I have trawled through hundreds of damn scary moustaches so that you don’t have to.


  1. You're so funny! Tom Selleck is #1 for me too otherwise no preference as long as I don't grow one myself!
    Mo's were so horny in the 80s till they became super trendy at Mardi Gras ... LOL! You have excellent taste in blokes ... hope your boy does the right thing, maybe a small incentive might entice him :)

  2. Well I am partial to a bit of fuzz (Movember is a dream come true for me) but perhaps that is because my Mr has a hard time getting a 5 o'clock shadow in a week let alone by the afternoon! So I kinda admire them from afar without having to actually confront one on a daily basis.

    Soooo with you on Tom Selleck!

  3. Ha, ha- I totally must dare you to do more things. WHat a belly laugh! Before I even scrolled down I KNEW I would see Tom Sellick first. He is Mr. Mo! Zorro was a surprise, nice to see J>D once more. And I just had to check out Mel's blog to find out who is this women to whom MOvember is a dream come true!!! She seems normal, similar things in her bag to my bag, and a fan of the Carman's muesli bar, too, I see! Well, Ms. Victoria, you have made my Sunday very amusing.

  4. and I would like to thank you soooo much for doing that for us Vic! For that selfless act of sacrifice so that none of us had to be bogged down with the chore of looking at soooo much face hair when we didn't need to.................although isn't our Tom scrummy?? lololol. I always thought so anyhoo. :)) Saw him in a movie today actually, still looking as scrummy as ever!

  5. You're nuts! On the beard and mo one. My dad has a mo, and used to grow a beard on and off, so I find nothing sexy about them! But I love Tom Sellicks dimples, and him! Remember the bit at the end of the opening credits where he wiggles or raises his eyebrows? We used to love that bit as kids! And how sexy was he on Friends? Sorry, but if a date turned up with facial hair, yuck, outta there!

  6. OH MY! LOL I honestly thought "she's posting about my dad!" My dad is one of those ageless types and he has ALWAYS looked like Tom Selleck (My father looks great in hawaiian shirts just ilke Tom too and they are in regular rotation in his closet).

    Jason Lee and Sean Connery have been causing me to drool since I was very young. :)
    Johnny looks a bit funny with a stash

  7. Now I'm gonna have the Magnum PI theme song stuck in my head all day! Thanks a lot.

  8. *whispers to crzylady* He does you know, but for me, it's the fact that he's so young with an obviously fake one (his usual style is much more 'musketeer'). Mr Depp is like a (very.. very...) good wine I believe, keeps getting better with age... ;)

  9. YEP... I think out of that selection I would have to say my number one choice would be TOM... I don't know what it is about him and his mo... doesn't he have it insured ?? I'm sure he does.. Jackie

  10. Gotta say I'm a bit of a fan of moustaches and weirdy beardies and much prefer my mister with some growth on his baby face (he looks about twelve when he shaves).

  11. OK you need to complete the collection- we need a mullet post...now that would be a nightmare of research lol!

  12. Okay, you managed to get both Johnny and Colin on that list, both looking eerily hawt with mo's. Sigh, well done.

  13. I just had to add, now that I have also read the 'beard post', that I once had the incredibly good fortune to meet (yes, as in shake hands and converse with) Mr Depp, and he is hawt to the power of 100000000 and incredibly nice to boot. But don't hate me, I was but a wee lass and oddly enough he still ran off with Kate Moss, weird non ?

  14. Aussie Waffler -

    SHUT! UP!

    You MET HIM?! *absoloutely & completely dies of vicious, teenage-strength jealousy*


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