Happy Mail.

If I weren’t already over my little funk – I definitely would be now.


A beautifully printed tea towel from the super talented Nic – A totally unnecessary thank you for something I didn’t mind doing for her at all. She is naughty but I love it. It’s going away - to be seen again ONLY when I have a new, renovated kitchen. If I had a poolroom, well, it would be going there, that’s how special it is… it arrived in the mail when I was feeling particularly glum, surprising me & Nic ooohparently – Aust post are on their game!


This. Makes. Me. A. Bit. Teary. Chai. PROPER chai. For me. For no reason. From Cathie. One of the sweetest bloggers you could hope to come across, and probably the best cook… um, ever. I love it gorgeous, and appreciate it, and you, so much. xo


  1. I'm glad you're feeling a little better , lovely gifts !

  2. yay for feeling better! looks like it's going round :) i say don't put it away untillll...use it now!

  3. So glad you like your tea towel ... and glad it gave you a smile! Nic

  4. Purty wicked to get gifts in the mail.

    Loved mine from you. Thank you..

    Thanks for the Chai - I NEEEEEEDED that!

    Do you think we should hold a contest to see who packs the most boxes everyday??


  5. Oh - how nice to get some surprises in the mail. xx

    Glad you are feeling a bit more cheered up now!

  6. Amy - um.... you would win. Hands down. ;)

  7. That would have to cheer up just about anyone!


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