Oh. Yeah. I’m ALL about the making up of words right now. Word.

Le Oppies were a plethora of crafty goodness today kids… something in the air, apart from some lurvly rain…

A massive bag full of crocheted flowers…! There are tonnes of them… I can’t crochet to save my life… but I have an idea about what I want to do with them…


An embroidery  loop big enough for Le Punk to use as a Hula Hoop…


And a cute & funky Woman’s Day ‘Complete Book of Handicrafts’…


…complete with wonderful pictures such as this: Daddy’o teaching the young buck how to use garden shears.. in spunky polyester shirts no less….





Swing by Sophie’s place for some more drool-worthy flea market finds… (‘cause if you’re drooling over this guy… erm… we can’t be friends.)


  1. Great finds!
    Makes me feel a bit sad for the flower crocheter who had such grand plans but never got a chance (or got bored of them) to follow through. Am exciited to see what you come up with.

  2. Kate - It does make me wonder, although I don't think anybody understands unfulfilled grand plans better than I!

  3. I have two copies of that exact same book - its 70's craft GOLD (which is why I couldn't leave the second one behind when I already had one at home).

  4. Haaaaaaaaaaa ;))Much appreciated. xo

  5. I would have jumping up and down with glee if I found an amazing find like that bag of crocheted flowers: they are just gorgeous: will be interested to see what you have in mind for them.
    I feel a bit sad too like Kate too! We often find people's good intentions at op shops: My mum bought a whole box or two with hundreds of hexagon patchwork patches someone has painstakingly cut and made up but never joined them to make a quilt: am hoping myself use them someday and turn them into a something...

  6. What a crazy bag of flowers! Amazing. I wonder what happened and why they never became 'one'? Anyway, I'm sure you will do something super snazzy with them. What a fun day you had! xo

  7. Hey Vic, in that book, is there puppets or something made out of toilet rolls? One might be a maid withsomething like a doily on her head. If yes, I used to love that page when I was a kid, it looks like a book my mum had. If not, ahh, well, it was a nice little remember for me!

  8. but why..? He's almost as hot as Pirate Jesus (if you haven't met Pirate Jesus yet swing by my place. He might be making more appearances).

    Can't believe you found all those flowers! AMAZING!

  9. oh wow great finds, so many flowers! it is amazing thinking how much work that would take and now you have them all in your hot little hands. I'm the same, can't crochet if my life depended on it.

    those pics are hilarious - flipping through old books and mags can be so entertaining.

    your last post planted the quilt seed in my head too.

  10. Tanya - yes! My favourite is the pirate - he's got one arm sticking out wielding a cutlass... ;)

    Cam - TWO?! That's great. YOU'RE gold lol.

    Rachel, Oooh, that sounds like a find, it might just be the cirlcles I try to avoid, but you hardly ever see hexagon quilts anymore... it would look awesome!

    crzylady - .....pirate jesus.....?!

  11. haha I have that book! YEp another book I bought for amusement...

  12. What a find with those crochet flowers! Can't wait to see what you're going to do with them!
    BTW I was thinking with the wooden kitchen you could adapt a bedside table to suit - add some knobs that turn and draw some hotplates on the top... (I actually thought mine was a bedside table at first!)


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