Happy February!


I’m going to do that old person thing again & wonder out loud “Where did January go?!”. I think it’s going to be another of those years, the ones that seem to fly by & leave you stunned on New Years Eve that you’re another year older & will have to get used to writing a new date on everything.

As much as I dislike resolutions, I fear I am going to have to make a late one. It is either that or continually disappoint myself and others with my decidedly ridiculous crafty inaction.

I hereby resolve not to enter any sort of crafty challenge, swap or endeavour with a time limit, unless I have already made the item in question. Tas suggested this a while ago, but being me I didn’t listen, thinking “Hey, January is a long month, I mean, it’s a WHOLE month, not like some other months that don’t even have 31 days… as if I can’t make SOMETHING for me in a WHOLE month?!”.


I did draft a skirt pattern. I really did. I even had intentions of making it up. But then it was lost along with any motivation I may have had. No way am I drafting another without a quilting ruler & a French curve. Apologies Carolyn, I don’t even have a sandwich to show you. I shall write my lines 100 times & whack myself across the knuckles with a ruler. I will.

Moving right along… it’s February! Eek!

What does this month have in store…?! Lots & lots!

Punky is going to Gymbaroo for the first time on Thursday, which means I am going to Gymbaroo for the first time on Thursday, and having to drive to, and into, a rather large urban area that I’ve not had to drive in before (I’m rather nervous about both). It’s The Boy’s birthday. We have to pack. I have furniture to paint. A chicken coop to make. A HOUSE TO MOVE INTO. Yikes.

It’s also Valentines Day, I’m not very big on Valentines Day, one should love & be loved every day of the year, but I did find this book the other day that I got in the oppy a few years ago, called ‘The Facts Of Love’ & I thought I’d share some of the pages, they are adorable, innocent & funny all at once.





I hope you had a more productive month than moi, and here is to a happy and exciting February!


  1. I love those pages. They are so innocent. I think practising contradiction was my favourite.

  2. Love it! Speaking of funny, I am readding the book you recommended last week - I had the moment last night where the whole bed was shaking because I was trying not to laugh - I love uncontrollable laughter (mr yardage was not such a fan at 1am)!! Thanks! Nic

  3. the book is fantastic!! love it! show us more.
    I am not doing any swaps at the momnet either- i can't keep up with anythign at the moment.

  4. don't be too hard on yourself, that's why I don't do any swaps, too many deadlines, I cannot do it.
    yeah, and love that book, please do more show & tell, please!
    have a great month Ms Punky's Mama.

  5. Oh Nic if you love that you HAVE to get the other one I mentioned by David Sedaris, it, in my opinion, was even funnier. I've ordered 2 more of his books as well! So glad you like it...!

    Cath & Cathie - way to make me feel better darlings... thank you! Will definately share some more of this book, it is adorable...

  6. :) don't worry I was just thinking 'where has january gone' and i think i'm younger than you! love those pics

  7. hehe that book looks great! I often think I should write down the staments kids say in my classroom. Oh you might like this - bit off topic and random, sorry lol - two students started school this term, their names are Happy and Peace. Anything goes these days. aaaand we had a boy named .. get this - Handfull. Yep, his name was Handfull, but it was because he fit in his mothers hand when he was born. How beautiful. x

  8. Oh cute!
    Reminds me of a nighty I used to have with a kids drawing and 'hooray for boyfirends'. I think I finally threw it out last year.
    Gymbaroo is ACE! Good luck with the driving sweets :) I hope punky has a blast!
    Hey, you heading to daylesford this wkend? I might be xox

  9. Oh, I hear you on driving to somewhere unknown and unfamiliar. I can't drive, for nuts! (Well, I do have a license, but no sense of direction to save my life.)

    Those children's quotes are the funniest! Thanks for sharing them. It made me smile this Feb 1st morning, which also happens to be a Monday.

    Well, didn't quite make any resolutions as well, but very much like you, apart from the current 1 or 2 swaps, I will NOT be engaging in anymore. No more swaps!!!

    Happy February. Make the most of it, before it disappears!

  10. YOu should learn to listen to us old people. We are full of crap...I mena wisdom lol. January? Has it started yet? I'm still recovering from 2009 finishing so quickly...

  11. Happy February and heaps of luck for the move and everything ahead for you guys ;) Yikes it's all go here! This month is going to be a blast! Your posts are just beautiful ;) Oooops must get that 'shoe' post done too ... ;)

  12. Im on the move too, and I want to paint half of my furniture, but I didnt think of making a chicken coop until you mentioned it! Thanks for that! Now I think I want some too...

  13. oh I have a book like that - but it is all about birthdays. i might blog it on my birthday this year.

    good luck with feb - it is only a short month:)


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