Just a quickie to say my Internet is KILLING ME over here & try as I might to load up every one's Creative Spaces, they will not, no they won't, or all I can see is text & not pictures & it's horrible! *stamps feet like petulant child*
Just wanted to say I'm not being a big meanie by not swinging by to comment or read your blog or say hello... I will try to catch up when my Internet is back to speed in a couple of days... I have a My Place & Yours post to get through first mind you....
Hurrumph again!


  1. Oh how I feel your pain.... I'm counting down the days until my new broadband gadgets arrive!

  2. lol feel your pain too, we get that every month lol always manage to go over and sloooooooow internet is evill.
    ps: whats your email babe?


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