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First up, THANK YOU IMMENSLY to each and every one of you who played along last week. I was more than a little bit nervous that it’s first week here would be a big fat flop, but it wasn’t, it was great, and fun, and awesome, so thank you again and I hope you had fun too!

Secondly, Thanks for all your great theme suggestions! They were all so great, in fact, that they will each have their time in the sun, along with their lovely Theme Queens, and I have a nice list of themes to be going on with. I will put out the call for new themes again when my list has dwindled somewhat.

Right, now, enough waffle, you want to know who is this week’s Theme Queen, don’t you?! You want to know which fun theme to race and take your photos of now, don’t you…?!

Well you’ll just have to wait a moment. Thank you. (Hey… you! Scrolling down the page…! Stop! Cheater!)

I wanted to share some of the lovely reads from last week, if I may. Go here for a grand post with lots of reading you might also enjoy and here for a pretty photo (several pretty photos actually, and often).

I also wanted to tell you, and lament the horrible fact, that due to having an extra internet loving houseguest for three weeks, my internet has slooooooooooowed rigggggght dooooooooown…. and it will be so for about a week, so I apologise if I don’t make it around to your place straight away, but I will try to get there as soon as I can!

Right! Onwards and upwards!

The theme this week: Shoes! Picked by Gypsy, this week’s Theme Queen, although she would have us shout “Show us your shoes Imelda!”. Congratulations Gypsy, thank you for a spiffing theme! I hope everyone pops by when you’ve had a chance to scramble & post your contribution… I do like surprises!



Would I be correct in thinking that we all have at least one pair of shoes? I thought so.

I bet some of us have more than one pair, don’t we? I bet some of us have more than two. Or three. Or fifty?



Again how you interpret this week’s theme is entirely up to you – show us your shoe collection, show us your favourite pair of shoes, show us your oldest pair of shoes, show us your young’uns first pair of shoes, your highest heels, your dirtiest sneakers, whatever you like!

Gypsy said;

I have a thing for shoes and would love to see some shoe collections, or maybe a fave pair of comfy or glam shoes, or a pair of shoes with a great story about where they were bought/thrifted/worn/inherited.

I am going to have to think on this myself & post my own entry a little later – I’ve already told you about my oldest & my best, my red shoes & my lovely boots! What else is there…?! Luckily I have a whole week to come up with something….! (Well, almost a week… since on Saturday mornings we have that, ahem, garage sailing “issue” it’s probably best if I post this on Friday nights, but the “official” start will still be Saturday. Okay? Okay.)

Let’s play!

* Kids, please wait until you've actually posted your meme contribution to link to your blog & then link to your actually post, not just your main blog address, thank you (as our meme runs all week, if you actually post more than once a week, it could get a bit confusing...). It's a bit annoying when someone, like me, with the slowest internet in the world right now, trys to check out your shoe themed goodness, waits forever for this & that to load & there IS NO shoe themed goodness! Ta! (I have ammended & deleted this morn' (what fun), nothing personal I hope you'll understand, do come back with your link ASAP!)


  1. What a great theme! You know it's so weird but just in the last week something totally fitting and shoe related happened over here. it must be fate. And I love this post too, you are funny.

  2. Oh yeah! Now you are talking! Where to begin with my posts!!!!!

  3. Oh how I love shoes! Great theme! Can't wait to check out everyone's posts.
    Sophie x

  4. Oh I wish I were a fan of shoes. I have size 10.5 sometimes 11 feet(thats what happens when your a giraffe)... shoes in 99.9% of shops just don't fit me.

    So I don't bother looking for them until the need is quite serious (weddings etc). I have learnt to despise 'she shoe hunt' and thus 'the shoe' itself.

    I envy and am completly jealous of all of who can go into a shop, pick up a shoe, try it on, it FITS immediatly and buy it. You are sooo lucky :(


  5. oooooooh I just saw that you mentioned my post from last week as a lovely read... *beams* Thanks Vic!

  6. Ahahaha! I LOVE your link title Gypsy!

  7. What perfect timing. I love shoes and just brought some new ones last night.

  8. love the theme, love your post and the photos are fab. thanks for organising this very fun meme. look forward to playing alomg

  9. Ok I'm in! It took me a few days but better late than never right?


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