Keep Calm!

Inspired by Gill’s post the other day, and Kellie’s adorable Valentines cards, I went a’searching for some slogans inspired by the now everywhere you look, in every design blog, in every hipster’s kitchen, emblazoned across thousands of chests, perhaps even there, burned into your retina when you close your eyes, “Keep Calm and Carry On” posters…

For crafty types:



For children of the 80’s:


(Bill & Ted!!!)

For anyone with a computer:



For Cyclists:



Check out this flickr group for even more poster parodies!

(And don’t forget to play along with this week’s My Place and Yours! Have had to be a bit mean & get the red texta out this morning with regards to links, but I’m just about to make me a chai & some vegemite toast so I promise to be the picture of calm (the Bill & Ted picture, if I have to choose) for the rest of the day…!)


  1. My favourite, for obvious reasons, is 'Keep calm and carry yarn!' Love it! Oh and the computer one is pretty good too. Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

  2. lol - I thought that they banned red textas coz they were too mean and now we have to use pink.

  3. ah man im totally over seeing the keep calm and carry on, everywherrreee, every single magazine i get its in there, i remember when it came out it was all over etsy a few years ago them bam its EVERYWHERE! lol

    I like "get excited and make things" or the one that is something like freak out and somethin somethin..lol


  4. thank you, these are great :)

  5. Oh I love those! Keep calm and carry yarn, now I need that one. Will totally be joining in with mp&y (mipay?) this week... tomorrow I promise!

    my word verification is 'ablog' hee!


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