Q: What is better than $5 Opshop furniture….?

A: FREE Opshop furniture!


Oh. Yeah. It’s fair to say that these finds absolutely made my Monday morning! We were driving home yesterday when I asked The Boy to swing by the Oppy with the open garage – you can see any new furniture they have from the road – but I complained as I asked him “Not that there’ll be anything – and if there is it’ll be too expensive – the prices have gone nuts lately.” or some such whinge.

Past we go – I spot these lovelies with “FREE” plastered on them. Free! I squealed & made The Boy zoom around the roundabout & stop in front of the garage. I run in (one of the rare times I would run) & hover around the cabinet, perusing it’s lovely oldness & in particular, it’s rather fetching freeness. Was I too late….? There was a lady there already – talking to an Opshop worker. Looking at the furniture. My furniture.

“$10 to get it delivered?” She asked the worker. She nodded. She pondered a little longer. I start hopping around, in spite of myself, like I was in desperate need to go to the loo. A physical manifestation of the thoughts in my head “Hurry up & walk away lady!”. She did. I pounced on the poor Opshop worker; “Did I just hear you could deliver these for $10?!”, yep yep!


I am beyond happy. A new furniture project… better than that – two new furniture projects! The cabinet is way cool, the top unlocks (it still has all it’s keys!) & lifts up, I can imagine it’s past life housing an array of shimmering jewels… and the dressing table – how awesome is that mirror?!


  1. Good score! Can't wait to see what you do to them. I might pop down the oppy today - I'm looking for a stool for the madam x

  2. Seriously Vic, you must start buying lottery tickets – you are the luckiest person ever! Can’t wait to see what you do with these treasures and where they will find homes within your new home.

  3. Wowee - amazing! Well done you :-)

  4. oh yeah, did you score!! Fabulous. You were at the right place at the right time. Most of our furniture is either second-hand restored or made by hubby. They have a great vibe to them. Look forward to seeing your reno

  5. Yippee! Can't wait to see what you do with them!

  6. OMG I seriously need to move west!

  7. ...And they came and they did pray to the goddess and the goddess was called Vic, Queen of the Opshop...

  8. Free Oppy furniture is very Happy making! they are fabulous. I have a dresser with a round mirror similar to yours. I love it. one of these days, people will suddenly realise their value and beauty, meanwhile, those that already do can snap them up for a song. Or even less :)

  9. Katy - I hope you did go, and many goodies were scored!

    Kylie - *sigh* I wish my luck DID run to lotto tickets!

    Mel - Thanks!

    Deliciousdesignz, it really is the best furniture, all that is thrifted, gifted or handmade, though I must admit, I am partial to a little Ikea action when the mood strikes... ;)

    Gypsy - nor can I!

    Cam - Um. No. I don't want to share!

    Tas - You make me laugh! Always!

    Leonie - YES!!!!

    Helen - I would love to see yours! I can't wait to get started on them... but which to do first... or two do both at the same time....?! Decisions!

    Purr-Furr - Thank you!

  10. Weeeeeeee!!!!!

    They are going to look amazing when you've had your way with them!!!

  11. What. A. Score! jealous....but not envious of hard work. My tv cabinet is remaining un-reno-ed at the moment.

  12. Oh now see? What was I doing suggesting a silly old expensive wardrobe an hour away!! You can find things for FREE!

    Hmmmm, we do have something very gorgeous that needs a loving home... i shall take a photo

  13. FREE?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your an expert, they must have known you were coming!! How perfect, new furniture for your new house.

    Very lucky Vic. I loved the hopping about part of your story lol

    Please share the diy 'after'


  14. free?! seriously, you guys have the best op shops ever!!
    you were meant to find that today, they will totally be perfect in your new house <3

  15. That really is the best! Can't wait to see what you have in store for them!

  16. OMG what a score ... they are gorgeous ... whatever you're doing keep doing ... your radar is working! Please show them done up ;)


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