Will I Never Learn....?

To stop putting my hand up for things I probably won't finish, precisely because I put my hand up for them in the first place....?!

First, there was the Drawing A Day challenge with the lovely Pepper - usually, I would draw at least every 2 days I'd say, so even if I cheated & drew 2 pictures every second day, surely a month of that would be achievable, no? No. I produced a week's worth of drawings & then.... didn't.

Then there was the Toy Society Christmas Drop. I had a lot of notice. I spent a lot of time procrastinating. The End.

My 2 month foray into Wardrobe Refashion just ended - but you wouldn't know it to read my blog, would you? One table cloth skirt & a hastily placed button do not a refashioned wardrobe make. I didn't buy any new clothes for myself for those 2 months mind you - so that's something - but I didn't refashion a whole lot either. I was on a clothing diet - sort of like the cabbage soup diet. You can eat as much cabbage soup as you want - but you just don't want to.

And now? Well now I've only gone and said "Me! Me!" to a challenge of making 12 things in 12 months. And it's a challenge because it's not just anything you can make... you can't take a picture of your cheese & tomato sandwich on the last day of January, which is the month of "...make something for me" & say "Here's my lunch! I made it! It's for me!" (....or CAN you?!). A lovely Crafty Mama is running the show, and there are giveaways & free pattern help & fun to be had, and, my saving grace; you don't have to join in every month.

I will be doing January's mind you. I found something yesterday that I desperately want to make for myself, so much so that I almost, you know, went & made it... but then I signed up for the challenge and suddenly the fun project seems like too much hassle.

I have issues.

I do.


  1. ROFL at the cheese and tom sandwich Vic, I would say that considering us mamas skip lunch most days that YES if you made yourself a yummy lunch it will be included!! :)
    I have similar issues - I had planned to sew something for me prior to this challenge for work, now just looking for and deciding WHAT is becoming extremely boring!! Heehee! Good luck! I think we will both need it!

  2. LOL..Good Luck!!! Do what ya can and we will all enjoy when you share no doubt....

  3. I'm planning on joining in too :)
    I already have a dress cut out for me, so surely I can manage January?! I love the back up plan of a sanga ;) can't wait to see what you create!
    Oh, you totally rocked blogtober!

  4. Well you had to go and let me know about another monthly challenge. I really do like this one though so thank you.

  5. No, I am not even tempted by it, not one lick. I have given myself a stern talking to about these sorts of things during 2010, and I have signed a legally binding contract that forbids me from taking on any such challenges. Of course I signed it with a fuzzy-haired troll pencil but, that still counts, right?

  6. Try the method that I am employing Vic: look at the theme, make something and then if you do make it AND finish it AND are happy to show everyone in cyberspace, sign up for the month and viola! Proudly show it off. Even if it is a sandwich (I've read the rules. Definately no home made sushi but sandwiches aren't mentioned so you should be OK)

  7. That's a really cool challenge, I'm thinking I might give it a go Vic, not sure yet though, still thinking..... Can't wait to see what you make.:)

  8. I've been having the same dilemma Vic, it sounds fab but oh, the pressure! Good luck darl...maybe the sandwich can be your fallback position?

  9. You do. Shall I start up a Blog Loitering Group and you can join in, which'll make you inclined to hop up and start everything at once? But good luck, and we look forward to seeing what you make!

  10. I so relate - as soon as I think I SHOULD be doing something I usually can't think of anything worse.

  11. HAHAHA Thanks for a good laugh. My wardrobe refashion was worse than yours, I went shopping with my sisters and bought 2 new items and didn't even show them off but I have to say they were half the already reduced price then another 20% off that. But can I also say, there were lots of things I COULD have bought but didn't. That counts for something doesn't it? :)
    Goodluck with the new challenge. I'm steering clear of crafty challenges, giveaways and swaps for a while. Footloose and fancyfree! :)


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