Craft Hope For Haiti


Craft Hope for Haiti was brought to my attention earlier today by the lovely, big hearted Jodie, and the equally lovely & big hearted Nic.

If you're going to craft, I can think of no better reason than to craft for a cause, & a more deserving cause right now is impossible to find.

The devastation & heartbreak looms large in Haiti, it is spilling out into the rest of the world with pictures and news stories, making us all stop, making us all think, feel & hope. We hope that the survivors can be helped. We hope that more survivors will be found. We hope that there is something, anything, we can do to help...

We can help, a little, you and I, just by making something for Craft Hope to sell in their Etsy store, by buying something that has been donated or by donating cash directly to one of the aid organisations helping on the ground;

Doctors Without Borders

Australian Red Cross

Oxfam Australia

World Vision Austalia


I made one of my button bracelets this afternoon & have emailed it off to the good folks at Craft Hope, hopefully it will be in the store in a day or so, but the response from Crafters has been huge & the organisers seem to be run off their feet posting listings constantly, so I won't be the least bit surprised if it takes a wee bit longer.



  1. Sure is a worthy cause to donate to. I have an item dontated to the Hearts for Haiti store http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=38634425

    In just 3 days the store already has 169 donated items listed. Amazing

  2. Thanks for the links. I have been heavy of heart the last few days thinking of the tragedy yet, I have not had time to research donation sites. I will be checking it out and sending something soon.
    Thanks again

  3. Oh thanks for letting us know. A totally worthy cause and a devestating in every sense of the word situation. Yes, you are a gem!

  4. Adelle - Have just seen that store too - it's absoloutely wonderful! I'm glad the response has been as strong as it has.

    Lola - I know what you mean my dear, it's all a bit too big & awful to take in all at once. My links are mostly Aussie based branches, but will probably still get you where you need to go. xo


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