A little from column a, a little from column b…

I thought I might combine two topics into one post today, the lovely Lola Nova you see, put me in mind of people who can “pull off” yellow hair, and Kate & Claire would like to learn how to do photo mosaics… so…

I present a photo mosaic of yellow haired beauties!


I used picnik, because I luffs picnik, and although I have a premium account, you can make a mosaic like the one below without paying a cent. You can also use the mosaic maker over here for free.

Go to picnik, click ‘collage’.

Under the ‘Basic’ tab, click on the last option, the four large squares together like a window, you can select how many columns & how many rows you would like at the bottom of the menu on the left, obviously here I’ve gone with 3 columns & 2 rows. You can mess about with the spacing too there, background colour, proportions or “Kookiness” which means throwing the pics out of line & rotating them randomly.

scrnshot1 copy

I had already uploaded the pictures I wanted to use, if you haven’t yet just click “Upload Photos” down the bottom there & choose your pictures from your computer. Hold down the crtl key to select multiple pictures at once.

Drag & drop your pictures from the bottom row into your collage. Depending on the proportions of your pictures & the proportions of the boxes in your collage, a vital piece of the picture may be cut off in this step – to move your picture all you have to do is right click on it & hold the button down & move it until it’s in the right position.



In my Punky collage I edited each pic separately & added the text for the months & just uploaded them like this, for this one though, I added the text to the finished collage.

When you’ve got your collage looking how you want it, click done on the right at the top. You’ll be in the ‘Create’ tab, click ‘Text’, then click in the text box to write. After you’ve added the text you can keep it selected & use the Text Properties box to change the colour, size or font.


To rotate the text, click on the circle at the centre top of the white box surrounding it. When you’ve added all your text, click the Save & Share tab up the top and… Save & Share!


Nothing too earth shattering there I know, but it’s fun!


  1. Sailor Moon! that takes me back to D's younger years

  2. Very cool..I love picnik too, good stuff!!

  3. Well you know what, I for one have always wondered how to whip up photo mosaic, so thank-you for sharing the tips. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years and I look forward to reading more of your lovely blog in 2010 :)

  4. wow, you are a picnik guru!
    I have been meaning to do a mosaic as an end of year thing..but didn't get round to it. might need to get my act together for a start of year thingy. thanks!
    I LOVE Cyndi Lauper & Lisa Simpson..yay for yellow hair ♥

  5. Maggie - I have to say I was partial to a little Sailor Moon myself in my youth... ;)

    AW - No problem! Christmas was most excellent, NYE quiet & relaxed... lovely! Thank you!

    Cathie - The only problem you may encounter, with picnik for your start of year mosaic, is that I believe with the free version you can only upload 5 pics at a time or some such...? If this IS the case, you can use the BigHugeLabs link near the start of the post without issue. :)
    Can't wait to see!

  6. Nice tute. And of course I am now a picnik convert ... I luffs it too!

  7. i love bighugelabs!
    and love the inclusion of princess peach! i'm peach for the winter olympics at the moment!

  8. Thanks for all that, I'd been wondering how to do that on Picnik!

  9. Oh thank you!! This finally got me to open picnik... I love love love it!! I've sent my dad a premium 'request letter'. Hee hee.
    Collage to come :D

  10. Oh, I love the yellow hair collage!!

  11. I love how it says "claire again..." ;)


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