Help Melbournians!

If you were me (I know, I know, it's just for theoretical purposes, and only for a moment, I promise...) and you wanted to stay in Melbourne on Thursday night (this week...) and were entertaining your younger might-as-well-be-brother in law, who had, once upon a time, spent many an evening helping you drink your weight in gin in some Sydney dive or other, where would you go...? What would you do...?
Google is no help. It seems there's not much of anything on in Melbourne at the moment, according to it - surely that can't be right....?
All I can find that might be of any interest is A Midsummer Nights Dream at the botanical gardens... and really, that's probably of more interest to he than I, and he didn't seem that interested...
Comedy bars...? A relaxed place for a bevvy or seven...? A little show to see....? Something....?!
Help me! Please! I've not seen this clumsy bookish boy for almost two years, it's my VERY FIRST NIGHT SANS PUNK EVER & I want it to be grand (...well, as grand as a night sans Punk can be... *sniffles*)!


  1. Sorry Vic I'm no help, I had a night sans children on the weekend and went home to Mum's. How uninspiring for you! (Although the drinks did keep flowing and I didn't have to drive anywhere...).
    Can you book into a nice-ish hotel, go out for dinner here http://maps.google.com.au/maps/place?hl=en&source=hp&um=1&ie=UTF-8&q=krua+thai&fb=1&gl=au&hq=krua+thai&hnear=Melbourne+VIC&cid=3119513446956305459 it's AWESOME, or try Southgate lots of restaurants there and bars for after. Or try Fitzroy Street St Kilda, plenty of eats, bars, venues, music, nightlife. Actually, I think I'd like to be you on Thursday night! Have fun sweets.

  2. Oh gosh Vic! Luckee you!
    I'm not much help either though. Yet to have a night away too ;) St Kilda sounds like a plan. Queen Vic night market for num nums?
    Oh come ON trendy melbournites!
    ps. sole entrant on me blog.... you might be in luck!

  3. How about the Rooftop Cinema? I think it will be warm.. http://www.rooftopcinema.com.au/program,
    Lots and lots of funky bars in town, wish I could check them out...
    Wander the laneways, you never know what you'll find..
    Read Nan's guide...this gal knows a lot and she don't live here!http://rummage.typepad.com/rummage/rummage-guide-to-melbourne/
    (I want to stay at the Brooklyn Hotel!)

    Above all enjoy :D

  4. Perhaps some delicious food Vegie Bar (on Brunswick?), have heard the food is GLORIOUS - book first or succumb to lining up. Then.. some jazz at errr... somewhere but I am just throwing ideas around now? Better stop, sorry im no help.


  5. oooh... zofia have me an idea. Moonlight cinemas will be open in the botanic gardens! Check online for screenings. Sometimes its great stuff like Breakfast at Tiffanies etc..

  6. Well, seeing as I have absolutely no experience with Melbourne (mores the pity) I am obviously useless and of no help. I hope you find what you are looking for and that you have a fab time of it!

  7. lol - Thanks guys... I guess this is what we get for being mummies no..? A complete & utter removal from "The Loop". ;)

    Gypsy, Thanks for the ideas hon, I think he wants to go to St Kilda actually...

    Claire - No..?! Really? Advertise it on CM lovely - I would feel like a big cheater elsewise...! ;)

    Zof - WILL check out that cinema, fo'shizzle - thank you! The wandering around sounds like a plan, we were always big on the wander (...so perhaps this time I might wear more appropriate boots...? Instead of whinging "Let's just go here!" so that I don't have to walk anymore...!)

    Tracey - You know what, he used to be a big fan of jazz... me, not so much... ;) But sometimes, if the mood strikes....

    Lola - I saw you had commented & was very suprised! Thank you though! Have you ever been to Oz...?

    Thanks again ladies! Even if I don't find anything concrete, I'm sure it will be fun!

  8. If I were you, I'd dye my hair yellow.....oh, bugger.

  9. geee, we are so out of it when it comes to going out nowdays. i would have suggested the moonlight cinema too as it is going to be a hot one.
    have fun!!

  10. Sorry, I'm no help, I avoid the city like the plague! (City hating fringe dweller!!)

    P.S. If you decide you're in the mood for jazz, I believe Dizzy's is the place to be.

    Lygon Street is always good for meals too.

    Have fun!

  11. Google is a lying sack of shit. there are so many great things to be doing in meloburne. hello! it's the most livable city in the world (and apparently also the most dangerous if you happen to be of a certain race!)

    Moving right along...for a great night out start with good food. Always a winner, especially in Melbourne. The Shanghai Dumpling Palace in China town does good, cheap food and lets you bring your own bottles of wine (dont know about gin though!) Or, if you want something a little fancier, try Movida or my fav The Press Club. Cookie bar goes does good Thai in a bar atmosphere. Excellent for hungry people who love to drink.

    Afterwards you could head to Fed Square or venture to the bar next to Shanghai Dumpling that has milk crates for seats. Cool and environmentally friendly. See some music at the Hi Fi Bar, or upstairs at Cookie Bar (excellent atmosphere also)

    phew. out of suggestions. walking along south bank is also a BIG winner at night.


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