Sometimes, you come across something, while pretending to know what you’re doing in Google Analytics, that makes you wonder.

I don’t know if I’m up to it, to be honest.


  1. Well I'm glad someone will save the world ;)

  2. Like, no pressure or anything lmao!

  3. What does it mean?? I don't speak blog or google or anything. My sister had to set up my blog for me.

  4. lol Kate - Who knows...?!

    Google Analytics is just where you can go to see how many visitors you've had & where they've come from, I check it out when I remember it exists.

    If someone finds your blog by searching in google, you'll see what they typed to get there, and oohparently, typing 'vic save our world now' brought some poor misguided soul over here... ;)

  5. That search phrase is all kinds of win.

  6. Well now, strangely I am not so surprised but, perhaps with a little help from you friends.
    Hey, when do you move into your cottage?

  7. lol, i can never get that google thing to actually work.
    vic save the world, i like it haha.

    oh and ps: the frankie magazines you threw out, i could just cry! lol
    you know issue one goes for over 100$ now - no chance of this girl ever reading it :(
    I only discovered it in melbourne airport on my way home after a crappy tas visit, it cheered me up and helped kill the hours of wait in the airport, it was then that my love developed, and i finally started finding it here in my town <3

  8. ROFL I knew you'd do something really great one day Vic!

  9. Lola - end of next month m'dear.. should be thinking of packing... but am not... ;)

    Jodie - Jebus! Way to make me feel worse...! Aaaaargggggggh! *chants to self; "It's just stuff. Material posessions do not matter. It's just stuff...."*
    Frik. Frikkin frik. ;)

    I found it from the get-go at work, and would hassle the mag guy when it was due in until it was presented to me, all new & untouched by freeloading borders mag-reading hands... ;)

  10. Didn't know you could even do that on Google, Vic, and as for saving the World? you kept that one quiet!

  11. that's almost as good as the chuck norris thing you had!
    so inbetween looking after punk, the fantastic thrift finds and moving, when will you be saving the world, just so i can be ready!

  12. Maggie - Get out! It wasn't. Was it?!

    Kellie - I'll yave to see when I can fit it into my schedule...


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