Thank you all for your congratulations & excitement with regard to my getting my licence yesterday… I can still hardly believe I can, you know, drive places, on my own.

Depending on your definition, Punky & I went on our very first Mummy-driven road trip today… to a town about 15 minutes away. I had planned an afternoon raid on their oppy, only to arrive at 1pm to find out they close at 12, and are next open for a brief period on Friday.

Ah well.

We lunched on yummy toasted sandwiches & had a wee run in the park (we were very disappointed to find they had removed their cool wooden play equipment too… why would you do that…?!) before heading back to peruse our local haunts, which brings me to today’s oppy goodness. The first opshop treasures driven home by moi. (You are going to have to bare with me for a while I’m afraid – still to come are the first groceries driven home by moi, the first pizza picked up by moi, the first trip to the beach by moi…. I think you get the picture….)


* At the back there is a lovely big mirror, $4 – I wouldn’t have been juggling that back here on my bike!

* Then, buttons, buttons, buttons!! Back to being a bit more expensive, but I’ve had a bit of a button drought lately so I bought every jar they had.

* Pretty Pyrex bowl.

* 2 pairs of gorgeous vintage Le Specs, with their cases (which, oddly, were sold seperately…?), one pair with their original swing tag. I like one pair very much, and dare I say it, they even suit me, which is lucky as Punky broke my last pair of sunnies yesterday, the other pair, don’t suit me at all so I think I might sell them (…or tell myself I’ll sell them, then find them in a drawer in 5 years time..).

Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I forgot a thing or two down the street… I might just have to drive down again… gosh darnitt.


  1. What? Couldn't you fit more buttons in your boot lol?

  2. you are going to be unstoppable now!

  3. I’m drooling, all of those buttons. We are having a bit of a button drought up here, I’ll cross my fingers and head to the op shop tomorrow and home my luck has changed.

  4. What is it with buttons down your way? We never have JARS of buttons in my neck of the woods!
    Happy drivin' hon :)

  5. Le Specs, Le Tough. So hopefully Le Punk wont Le Break. Oh, you are probably far too young to remember the Le Specs ads of the 80's. Bikini clad bums sitting on them to show how tough they are!!

  6. Ahahaha... I hope Le Punk won't Le Break either Tanya... but I can certainly tell you they'd break if THIS bum sat on them, at the beach or elsewhere! ;)

  7. Oh well darn, I'm still totally behind on my blogland goings ons, but CONGRATULATIONS on the licence, that is awesome news. Enjoy the freedom Chickadee :) Oh, and enjoy all those buttons.

  8. OH Congratulations ;) I'm thrilled to bits for you. I op shopped every day for over three years ... have the stash to prove it and wouldn't change a second. Remember one golden rule ... when you see something you might want, don't hesitate, grab it, it'll be gone by tomorrow! Have the very best fun you can. Hugs. xo

  9. You can start a regular series called "Driving with Miss Punky"!
    I too am envious of your buttons, good finds all!
    Look out world, here she comes :)

  10. Oh fo'shizzle Lola - I'm stealing that!

  11. awesome score! My dad was a pharmacist and he used to sell Le Specs. That pic has brought back *such* memories of working in the shop over the summer holidays! Thanks for the memory!


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