My Place And Yours!!


Here it is!
I hope you’ll play along! (And you might want to get a cup of tea, this is a long one…)

Since this is the first week of My Place And Yours at Punky & Me, I get to choose the theme, nice.

So. Influenced by the bombsite that is my house right now, some packed boxes, some empty boxes and muchos mess, I looked around in desperation for some aspect of my place right now that I didn’t want to hide under the rug (there’s an idea for you, future Theme Queens) and kept drawing blanks.

Usually I love my kitchen, my copious amounts of rarely used cookbooks, my vintage kitchen knick knacks, my teapot collection… but right now…. teapots are packed & the rest is a shameful mess, so that was out.

I gave up & plonked on the bed to get a little further through my book when it hit me…

The theme this week folks is “What I’m Reading”. (I swear I tried to think of something more catchy that meant the same thing but my brain just would nae be in it…)

Books are not made for furniture,
but there is nothing else that so beautifully furnishes a house.
~ Henry Ward Beecher

At the start of the month there was much talk of resolutions, a common theme I noticed while doing the blog rounds, happy in the knowledge that I wasn’t participating in the negative cycle that lapsed resolutions can become, was ‘Read More’. As much as I am against resolutions, I think that one is worth keeping.


Right now I am reading ‘Me Talk Pretty One Day’ by David Sedaris, it is SO FUNNY. I got it for Christmas from The Boy’s little brother (I shall not be re-gifting, although it sort of already has been… he always reads the books before giving them…!!!), along with another of his books ‘When You Are Engulfed In Flames’ I read that first, although Me Talk Pretty One Day was written first, and loved it.

It made me laugh out loud. I love when a book can do that. Lots of books can amuse you. Lots of books can make you think “…that’s funny!” but it is a little rarer to find a book that has you giggling like a nutter while your other half is trying to sleep.

I’m almost finished the book, I’ve been on a bit of a reading jag lately and have another book in the wings already, waiting for the curtain on this one, but I am enjoying every page, especially the one below, which has given me my new favourite word, and that I shall endeavour to slip into blog conversation at the first opportunity.


What are you reading right now
? Is it a book? A magazine? A blog? What do you wish you were reading? Where do you wish you were reading it? Is it a library book? Was it a gift? Are you enjoying it or persevering?

Your take on this theme can be whatever you want it to be, and I want to see it! You can take a quickie photo without getting up, you can draw a picture (…that gives me an idea… I’d love to see a diorama. Go on. Make a diorama!), you can trek to the library and take covert snaps, whatever, wherever, you’ve got time!

Share your link below, we’ll be playing all week!

(If you’re new to My Place And Yours, Pip’s original post about it is here.)


As for next week’s theme… well – what shall it be…?! I loved Pip’s idea of a Theme Queen, I loved visiting ‘The Queen’ and seeing why she chose what she chose, but with disappointed if I couldn’t play along because I just didn’t have something to do with the theme, because playing along is what a meme is all about, and the more the merrier, no?

So, I’m going to be choosing the Themes & the Theme Queens a little differently. We’ll see how it goes at least, if it does nae work then we’ll try something else… we’re resourceful and crafty after all!

If you would like to be next week’s Theme Queen, then all you have to do is play along this week & comment here (in le comments, not the linky box... thanks Tracey... hehe) with what your theme would be. I will choose a theme from your suggestions that I think is fun & inclusive and will announce the Theme Queen in the new meme post on Saturday, which will be a nice surprise for everyone.

Pip said it all here;

Each week we'll have a new theme. The theme will be a place/perspective : out the window, in the top drawer, down the lane, at the post office, in the kitchen, at work, your cafe, under this, behind that, inside the other... whatever. Just a kind of common place or perspective we all will have. I don't want to take the fun out of it by suggesting too many - think about the things we do each day and the places we go, or utilise and go from there!

Sound like a plan? Good’o.

Let’s play!

(..and thank you Pip for this shiny meme, I really do like it a lot & hope it will thrive here!)


  1. PS, I hope everything works okay - this was the most difficult post in the history of my blog... aaaaarrrrggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!

    Now I'm off to bed, for in the morning; garage sales, here I come, but I won't be bright eyed or bushy tailed...!

  2. Yayyyy fabulous news. Congrats Punky & Mamma! Too late to be coming up with a theme suggestion this time maybe down the track ;)

  3. yay Vic! fabulous, fabulous, fabulous!!
    looking forward to it, though I am not reading anything at the moment..hmmmm, oohh, I may be next week though.

  4. Oooh what a splendid word! Love it.
    ..and just noticed the word under it in the next line. Buchanan ~ it's my mother's maiden name. :)

  5. Oops forgot to comment on your actual post for the meme! Have taken note of the book and will see if I can get it. Sounds great. Anything that makes me laugh out loud has to be good medicine, yes? :)

  6. Thanks Vic - great theme! And thanks for tip on a good, funny book - I'm off to investigate. I have heaps of ideas for themes, but here are my top two - "what's on your hat stand/rack/hook?" and "your kitchen wall". I have no clever words right now, but they can probably be tarted up a bit!! Have a great weekend! Nic xx P.S. The post worked fine - great job!

  7. silly me - sorry 'bout that :D

    Idea for the theme 'In My Kitchen'

    I suppose its open to a plethora (fave word at present) of different interpretations. A cherished baking item, best thrifted kitcheny find, a collection of things in your kitchen, sweet photos of 100's and 1000's, vintage kitcheny goodness, or share a recipe!


  8. Yay for your meme Vic. Packing...sigh. Do not envy you, big sis is doing this as we speak,(It's amazing how much more you can accumalate with 2 kids and 6 years:))
    Books-hooray! Packed to the gills here..
    I have no blog so I'll just tell-
    just started 'The Lacuna' by Barbara Kingsolver. Loved her others, keep get distracted by blogs however and fall into bed too tired to read!

  9. congrats again for taking on this fun meme Vic..great theme too btw!

    your books sounds like a fun read..i love it when a book makes you LAUGH OUT LOUD!!

    i also love trying out NEW words..

  10. Great post Vic, totally worth the effort!

    My theme suggestion for next week is "Show us your Shoes Imelda!" I have a thing for shoes and would love to see some shoe collections, or maybe a fave pair of comfy or glam shoes, or a pair of shoes with a great story about where they were bought/thrifted/worn/inherited.

    Pick me! Pick me!

  11. Oh yay we are back in business! here's to a long and happy future with your new meme. I've had a go at wearing the theme queen crown aready so I'd better let someone else have a go. Loving the readingone.

  12. Oh I forgot to mention that I had to sqeeze the meme into an already written post but I promise to try to be better behaved and organised next week. Well its a good theory anyway.

  13. So glad the Meme is back! Your book looks interesting, Might look for it next time I need a good read! Theme ideas?? Handbags-how many, favourite or what's in them? Op shop treasures or recycled finds. Sorry not very inspirational titles but it's HOT here!!

  14. Im totally ready to play along :) it will help me blog more often!!

  15. Cool, theme, and glad to be playing along this year. I want to be theme queen, so I've tried to think of a good one- 'oldest item from childhood'. As you know with the packing and moving, there are some things you just DON'T throw out, even though you want to, cos you had it as a kid. That's a bit different from our op shopping finds, isn't it? One persons vintage is another person's treasure, remember heehee

  16. Hi Vic, Love this meme and a good easy (for some anyway) theme to start the year off with. My idea for the next theme is...
    'Longest loved item'- what are you still holding on to which has been in your possesion for the longest time.

  17. Yay! I heart My Place and Yours! Great theme for the week. Oh and my theme idea is, The Fridge Gallery - I'd love to see what artistic delights are on people's fridges!
    Sophie x

  18. I love everyones ideas and am hoping they get the chance to be queens. My close friend and I once went through each others handbags to see what we carried around with us. Weve both never forgotten the hilarity and the randomness of the conversation that ensued. Im going to suggest 'whats in your handbag right now'?

  19. I'm so glad to see this fun meme back! And this week's theme was fun to do too.
    Future themes? Everyone must have a camera to post a pic, so how about 'Show us your camera' which would probably entail some snazzy mirror photography - unless some bloggers are lucky enough to own two!

  20. Hello! Glad to see this fun meme back. Thanks for hosting :-)

  21. I'll add my post tonight when I get my photo sorted at home but a thought for next week ... how do you store your stash.

  22. Congrats on the meme Vic! See I might actually get off my butt and play now.

    My ideas for a theme would be:

    What is your favourite kitchen gadget (or maybe op shop gadget?)


  23. Thank you for having some real models on your blog. A true crafter's diet would be full of fibre.....cotton, wool, etc. My first visit to your blog, and definitely becoming a Follower. As for a theme, what about the one thing you miss the most? It could be your favourite reading glasses, car keys, or a place/friend.....not necessarily in that order! Jenny

  24. Great to hear that you're the new home for My Place and Yours! I love the idea of the Theme Queen - not to be me this week, but I'll certainly try to think of one for the future!

  25. what- you've closed the mclinky, well I forgot to add me and my post is up so go and read about what I am reading!

  26. Looks fabulous ! Thank you for coming past Ada & Darcy too. xx

  27. Great to have this meme back! Thanks for hosting, and I like your theme. I know totally what you mean about hiding things under the rug with the state of my house, so i was so pleased I didn't have to clean up for this one.
    Love David Sedaris, what a cack!


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