Bok, bok, bok.

In case you can't tell, that's a chicken noise. I could have said "Cluck, cluck, cluck" & you would have known what I was talking about without the need for clarification, but clucking implies something a bit nicer to me, than chickening out, as I have done....

The yellow hair is gone. It's amazing how quickly one can go from "Cool!" to "Eeeeeeeeew.... I want it out & I want it out NOW!". It's also amazing just how stubborn goddamn yellow vegetable 'semi permanent' dye is.... (unless you DON'T want it to come out, then I hear it is an entirely different story...)

Pink is on hold, for now. Apologies.

PS, If you have a Punk sized, pink flavoured kidlet, go here & enter to win an adorable little skirt!

PPS Posting will prolly be a bit light-on this week, because as you may have gathered, we're having visitors. They (The Boy's Daddy'o & Little Bro..) fly in tonight from up there from whence we came and will need to be entertained & whatnot....


  1. I thought we were talking about leaft green variety "bok" rather than the feathery clucky sort. And given this post, I am now sticking by my comment on yesterday's post!

  2. Hehe - I thought it was a sly dig on your part Tas & was shaking my fist at you...!!! :p

  3. You sure got it out though...well done! how bout bekerk!

    Oh, have a fabulouso time!!

  4. we always say bok bok in our house, not cluck cluck!
    enjoy your time with your visitors!


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