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This week’s theme has been chosen by Sandra;

What's your favourite item of clothing, the one that you feel special in, the most "you" in, keep going back to, can be spotted in by friends from miles away, wear over and over and hope will never fall apart and die? Perhaps you've even had to darn it already? (There's to keeping an old craft alive!) It might be a scarf that you made, a pair of gorgeous red high heels, a vintage printed dress or even a pair of old pink flannelette pyjamas. Or it can be more than one!

I have two things in my wardrobe that came to mind immediately, both are a little worse for (lots & lots of) wear.
First is my lovely snugly brown jacket;


I’ve been doing it up with a massive safety pin for as long as I’ve had it I think… well… it was on sale!


I think everyone that knows me has seen me in this number at some point. The faux fur is looking rather scraggly, the woven bits are all coming loose, and it’s even coming apart at the collar (I really should fix that…), but I don’t care, I love it still.
The other thing, or things, are these boots;

I really don’t think they have much longer to live, if I’m honest. They are beyond scuffed – there are chunks of vinyl missing all over the place – and it’s a very sad state of affairs indeed – I love these boots! They have been on countless shopping trips, days at work,  many nights out, a Big Day Out, park trips, beach trips, road trips…. whenever a good boot was called for, they were there!


The no-nonsense heel is perfect for hours on my feet and they were super comfy from the get go. Even though I think the places to wear these aging lovelies are limited, I doubt I’ll be able to part with them… I loved them so much when I bought them that I went back the next day and bought the same ones in black – they, strangely, are still in almost mint condition!
Thanks for a great theme Sandra! Visit Pip to play along!


  1. WOW what FAB 70s gear!..i totally understand what sweet sorrow it'll be parting with your fav boots..

  2. Hello, thanks for your post! You are a great opp shopper -- that is a gorgeous coat and the boots look like they have cool tales to tell. I too have two pair of old RM Williams -- one pair constantly in repair and the other still in mint condition. Strange what we love and what just languishes in the wardrobe...

  3. WOW fab post ... I know exactly how you feel about those boots ... get searching before it's too late ;) Love your post!
    Hey too some vintage buttons need a new home at my blog ;)

  4. *sniffs*

    The fact that you all like the boots makes me feel even worse about their impending demise!


  5. Love your boots & I can relate to that dredded feeling of having to part with a much loved item of clothing...always so difficult to find the perfect replacement!

  6. My favourite shoes got to the point my toe stuck out the end but I persisted for a little bit longer before I gave in!!! It's a sad sad day when they die.

  7. I have a similar pair of brown, flat boots, which I wear all of the time and I thought they were looking pretty good. My ex-boyfriend (just before he broke up with me) asked if I wanted new boots. I took that as an insult and said no doh!

  8. Isn't it the saddest thing to have to let go of a beloved item of clothing? The last piece of clothing that I felt devastated about losing was my green velvet "tram conductor" coat at Uni. It makes me sad that it was so long ago...but if anyone stole my red Docs, I would curl up into a ball and cry in the corner.


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