Storybook Drawers

Since soon (SOON!) we shall be moving & going from “copious amounts of built in wardrobes” to “…..”, we have had to find some drawers & things for holding our clothes. Well, Punky’s at the very least, because if I’m honest, MY clothes spend more time languishing on the floor than anywhere else.


These drawers cost me $8 at the oppy.



I used two old kid’s storybooks for the main part, carefully selecting the best pages of course, and yellow enamel paint for the drawers. These photos were taken before “the incident” which has left one of the drawers rather disfigured – it will need fixing but can wait until it really, really, really gets on my nerves. (*sigh* I’ll fix it today…)


What do we think?

Bright & funky for a little Punky?!


  1. that is fabulous! love it.
    love a good oppy transformation, nice one.
    hey, do you think it was regifted ;P

  2. I think they're perfect! You're such a clever gal :)

    You know, my Oppies are charging $50 (at the least) for old sets of drawers!

  3. Awesome as usual, my dear Vic.

  4. SG - $50?!!!

    They would have stayed there at that price, especially since they were all cruddy!

    Thanks peeps! :)

  5. Brilliant Vic - can't believe you got the drawers so cheap, my oppy would charge about 5 times that amount!

  6. These are absolutely awesome, you've inspired me to do something similar to the bright green 'thing' in the corner of my bedroom holding my clothes.

  7. Oh lucky Punky! These are so ace Vic, love the acid yellow-superfunky!

  8. These are wonderful! You've done a great job & I reckon the yellow is fabulous.

  9. Very nice indeed, beautifully creative and jolly. Would different drawer-pulls on each drawer be going too far?

  10. VERY nice.

    I must admit, I'm a little jealous... I've not been doing ANYTHING since I got your instructions.

    Our flat looks like a warehouse, full of boxes with long forgotten stuff. And when you open them you think: "WHAT? I still got that?"... We have already thrown away tons of stuff and brought things to the oppy, but... you know what I mean... it never ends!

  11. WOW bright and funky Yayyyyyyyy and adorabley gorgeous too. Genius. xo.

  12. Mise - I did think about adding those (the same though, and before the yellow) but think I will leave it - the drawers upen from underneath & I really think the YELLOW is enough. :)

    Gabi, I told you I think, that I started this after I emailed you, so it obviously doesn't take too long, but you must get rid off all that stuff so you have somewhere to work! (Says the woman who cropped out piled of laundry waiting to be folded & Punk's toys strewn everywhere)

  13. These are awesome. I loved how you tied the drawer color to the one color that showed up in the images

  14. Gorgeous! You're inspiring me :-)
    Do you just use Mod Podge over the book pages?
    Or do you have some other super-secret technique ;-)

  15. Very COOL for a littlie! Love the idea. Well done! :)

  16. Wow!! This is fabulous! So unique!


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