I received this bag for Christmas from The Boy’s Mother, his Dad & brother brought it down with them on their recent visit, & I didn’t even realise until the day after the presents were opened that I’d got it – Punky had gotten to unwrap it & it was immediately lost in a sea of scrunched up Christmas paper.

It is a combination of wooden beads, woven nylon & red pleather. It has large circles attached that I imagine would flap about in the breeze if it were to ever leave the house.

Now I don’t want to sound ungrateful, it was nice of her to send it, and it IS red, but I will not use it, not now, not ever.

Would you like it? If you would, just let me know in the comments. If, by this time tomorrow, nobody wants it, it shall be on it’s way to the oppy. If, by this time tomorrow, more than one of you wants it, names shall be taken & thrown into said bag in the interest of fair re-gifting & one “lucky” person shall be the new owner.

I honestly don’t know whether she would laugh or be offended if she knew I were offering up her gift on the internet, but to be on the safe side, we’ll just keep it to ourselves, shall we?

Did you get any “gifts” that you are considering shuffling on to a new home already…?


  1. I totally love it, and I know my purse collector daughter would adore this one! It's so unique! What a lovely gift!

    Loren McCraney

  2. Hey Vic! thankx for jumping on board, send me your postal address jadeholi@hotmail.com and one day you shall receive your little bundle of craft love. Hopefully i can come up with something you will like (nothing red)have a great day :) jade

  3. I got a bottle of cheap and nasty perfume from the Mr's mother - I think I will regift it to my brothers wife

  4. ROFL Gemma - you're not concerned that then SHE'LL think YOU'RE cheap & nasty....?!

    That's the problem with gifts you don't like (& mother-in-laws), you don't want anyone to think you picked them...! ;)

  5. Umm, That is the best handbag ever. Except for the pleather. That's unfortunate. I would use the pants off of it.

  6. too late i've signed up, but has Le Punk got a doll's house? I have one to regift, will send picks if you want it for her (and you to redecorate). Have to pick up in melb though.

  7. i would certainly use this!

  8. I love strange and creative things
    also i love ref colour
    Enter me please

  9. Now I would just cut it up and re-use those red pleather circles for crafty good!

  10. Ah, great minds Cam - I already investigated that possiblity, then decided I have too much (excuse me peeps who actually like this thing) crap in the "stuff to make other stuff out of" pile. ;)

  11. Super cute purse! I know it's been given away (that's a smart way to recycle it!) but just wanted to make a comment, because it is just adorable.

  12. It's not been given away yet Caroline - I'll pop you in the draw. :)


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