I’m sick! It’s not fair! I’m tired! I have a headache! I have a cough that sounds like a small dog stuck in a clothes dryer. I’m all sniffles. I want to sleep but I can’t because The Boy is off gallivanting and the Punk is here gallivanting. I don’t have any medicine. Or my Mummy to look after me. Or soup….

Can you get swine flu from being forced to watch too much Pepa Pig…?

I think I need some of this;


I don’t have any, of course, but I could easily obtain something that is obviously related, and as such must surely have some of the same healing properties; a bottle of vino.

vino (from)


(…for those of you with your dialling finger poised above the phone while you Google the number for DOCS, I swear I’m kidding. Mores the pity. Achoo!)


  1. I know the feeling so well. Once I felt very very poorly, so went and had a little lie-down, and when I surfaced, still very ill, they'd set up a relay squad to carry water from the bathroom tap to the hall floor. Making a skating-rink, they said, for their poor poorly Mamma. Homemade fudge cures all.

  2. Bummer - it is hard when the mums need looking after and there's no-one around - I know the feeling well. Time to hop in the car and drive to the chemist/doctor, no? Get better soon!

  3. oh no Vic. Feel better soon! {pepa pig has a LOT to answer for}

  4. Oh you poor duck! I am sending wellness-vibes right now, as I sit at the computer coughing like a rusty chainsaw. My sniffles have gone though, and I don't miss 'em! I hope you feel really really really better real soon!
    x Pepper

  5. Hey, Miss Vic,

    Maybe you feel sick because you didn't answer my desperate request for help - bad karma, baby!

    Hope you feel better soon (maybe a short e-mail with makeover instructions for my wall cabinet helps).

  6. hi Vic,
    your blog is beautifull,
    i am using your same blog template, i have a question for you, how i can put photos that fit in the article space. like the botle and the cup.
    Which is the width and length of the photos?

    Regards from Dominican Republic

  7. Oh no ;-(
    As soon as that boy of yours gets home, get in your car and drive yourself straight to the pub for some rum, mix it with hot water, ginger, lemon, and honey.
    In the meantime, cook yourself up some vegemite and roasted garlic on toast (seriously amazing... surely I'm not the only person who does that???).

  8. Oh, thank goodness, I thought for a moment you had the big elephant in a dishwasher cough- now that can be really nasty. Hope that you are on the mend very soon.

  9. Feeling a bit better thanks peeps - a bit of retail therapy can do wonders... ;)

    Mise - I want me some homemade fudge!

    Pepper - Hope you are entirely better very soon too!

    Gabi - *blushes* have emailed you sweets.

    Carlitos - Have emailed you too!

    Thanks all for your "Get Wells" & healthy thoughts... you're a magical lot...!

  10. HEY!!
    Me again!
    Still I have not received you email about the the width and length of the photos, excuse my insistence this is my email, carlosdevargas@hotmail.com

    Thanks again...


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