Wordless Weekend

Poor Le Punk is all snuffles & sneezes & coughs & watery eyes... thanks to me no less, so I am feeling suitably guilty while still sick myself & pampering her to the utmost.

We have a new DVD to watch, juice to drink & fruit to eat, all while snuggled up on the couch; that however makes for not much of interest going on over here in the Punky house, so I thought I'd share a little picture & excuse myself from posting properly for a couple of days....

Hope everyone has a lovely relaxing weekend.


  1. Doesn't sound great - hope things get better!

  2. Aw, that's not good. Snuggle up together and bond over some girlie (albeit G rated) DVDs and hot soup. Hope that you both feel better soon. Colds during this heat suck!

  3. snuggling sounds fun! sniffles..ehh, not so much.
    get better punkies!

  4. Awwww ... hope you beautiful Punkettes are feeling better soon, soon, soon ;)

  5. Yuck to the sniffles......and it's not fun when you feel ick and want your Mummy to come look after to you only to realise you are the Mummy!! Hope you feel better soon.

    By the way, I love your book and toy shelf. Is it an Ikea one? I so need something like what you have there.

  6. Thanks luvs!

    I'm on the mend, Punk is still sniffely & snuffely, and The Boy has fallen hard, whinging all the way!

    SD - Yup, IKEA rules! ;)

  7. Love the shelf, we have the same one only bigger (more kids LOL). Hope you and Punky feel better soon, enjoy the enforced rest and dvds :)

  8. Thanks Vic - I thought the shelf might have been an Ikea one.

    I'm glad you and Punky are feeling better but oh nooooo to the Boy getting a man-cold.


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