Red Things.

So, oooooohparently, a few of you like red things, and would like to see some of my red things. I don't blame you, red is great. It goes faster. It's irresistible when it's shiny. It has shades like "fire engine". There are songs about it.


When I thought about it, when I looked around, I realised something. I realised that as much as red is my favourite colour, and as much as I will always, always, ALWAYS choose the red option when confronted with a choice of colours in any product whatsoever, I don't have much of a "collection" to show off. It's not like I have a bunch of great red things on a red shelf to share with you - perhaps I wish I did, now, but I don't.

I have a red vacuum cleaner. We have a couple of red rugs. I chose a red camping chair for myself. I paint things red that used to be pink, or green, or not red. Punk's pram is red. My favourite teapots are red. My favourite plate is red.... but these things, I fear, do not interesting photos, or a collection make.

So instead of gathering up all the red in my house & dumping it someplace for your perusal, I thought I'd just share a couple of choice red things that I quite like. The thing about red is, you don't need a lot of it to make an impact. In fact, too much red & you could be forgiven for thinking you might have just stumbled onto the set of SAW VII (I hope that is a number, and more than that I hope it's a big number....).


  1. Put red and shiny together and it equals irresistible. Love all your red shoes, oh, and of course the red handbags.

  2. I love the way you write things Vic! Red is a fun and happy colour and definitely goes so much faster.;) The red handbags and the shoes equal a fun, happy and a quick witted person.:)

  3. Love it all! And I totally agree, a bit here and there has a huge impact. Those red bags at the end are ace!

  4. Collections don't need to be on shleves. That is definately a red collection you've got goin' on there.

  5. AW - It most certainly does!

    Catherine - *blushes*

    Kate - I'm SURE I have more... somewhere...

    Nikki - I was afraid of that... ;)

    and finally, Yardage Girl - that, "red rules the rainbow"?! That. Is. Brilliant.

  6. Yardage girl is too right!
    and I agree with you.. red is the best.
    I've just framed up my red "keep calm and carrry on" poster. Another dash of red for me. When in doubt. Choose red.
    p.s. love the camping pikkies.


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