Le Punk will be 2.

I know mothers (...and old people... it seems the older you get the faster time takes you by surprise...) always cry "It's gone so fast!", but, uh... it's gone so fast!

It is more than a little hard to believe that tomorrow it will have been an entire year since her very first birthday, yet it is even harder to believe that she's only been around for 2 years. She has made our lives so much richer, so much happier... she gave us something we didn't realise we were missing.

I better go. There are presents to wrap, a cake to be made, the obligatory card to be written on.... and there is a little Punk, aged 1 year and 364 days, to be cuddled, kissed and cherished, just as she is every other day.


  1. Happy birthday to little Punky. My girls have just turned 3 and 5 and wow you are right, it's gone so fast. Have a great day.

  2. Happy, happy birthday to Little Miss Punkster :)

  3. Enjoy your last day with your one year old punk. Looking forward to seeing pics of this year's cake.

  4. Happy Birthday sweet little one. And what a beautiful post...They grow WAY too fast and your right you feel as if they have been there forever...That's love for ya!

  5. Happy birthday le Punkster! Hope you and your mama have a fabulous day.

  6. Hi Vic, sigh, it does go fast, doesn't it. It's really nice to read how you enjoy her so much, it's lovely to hear about the joy of parenting as well as the harder bits!
    Happy 2nd Birthday to the little Punk.

  7. Happy Birthday to the punkster!
    Wishing you all a lovely day of celebration, and a brilliant year of learning, discovery and creativity together... actually make that lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots... of years.

  8. Happy birthday lil Punk!
    hope you have a wonderful day & get squishy hugs & sloppy kisses allllll day long ♥

  9. Happy Birthday Little Miss Punky!
    Csn't wait to see this years cake.

  10. Happy Birthday Punky!!!!
    Wow, you're only a little older than Zeb, you guys should hang out!
    Happy cake making and cuddling Vic.
    What's the cake gonna be this year?

  11. Happy Birthday to Little Miss Punk, and congratulations to you two for being fantastic parents. It's amazing isn't how one little person can make your life so much better. Hugs xx

  12. Ahhhhhh.... damn you all... you're making me teary over here! (That's right, I'm totally blaming you & your lovely comments & not my over emotional, tired self...!)

    We had THE BEST day today... lazing about in the hot hot heat, watching dvds & playing outside in the shade and splashing about in water... I can only hope tomorrow is just as lovely.

    To those enquiring about this year's cake - well surely you know you'll have to wait...?! All I'm going to say is that it entirely appropriate for an early January, swealteringly hot summer birthday.

    Thanks guys.

    You're nice.



  13. Yeah, our kids have given us stuff that we didn't realise we were missing too...like, sleep deprivation, wee on the bathroom floor, that sort of thing...But they are also known to give us spontaneous hugs and "I love you"s so we might keep them.
    Happy birthday, little Punk. Have a very excellent day and make sure you blow out all your candles so that your wishes will be sure to come true!

  14. Awww, ceee-ute! Happy 2nd Birthday Miss Punkerella! Oh 2 is an awesome age! And yep, arrives so fast :(

    LOL Tas, my kids have given me some unexpected 'gems' too ;)

    Hmmmmm, swimming pool cake?
    Have fun!! xox

  15. That's a super cake; do post this year's one too. Happy birthday to Punky!

  16. Time does seem to move faster when it comes to kids Vic. It certainly doesn't feel like we age and grow and learn so much in one year as kids do. They are trully amazing little people.


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