There's a snake in my boots!

...okay. No there isn't. But there is something unusual.

Yesterday my boots arrived, those wicked awesome bargain boots from L'america. You know the ones. Yes you do. Okay well even if you don't, it doesn't matter really, all that matters is I got me some kick ass cowboy boots for a song.


After rejoicing in their arrival, delighting in their no-nonsense weight, fondling their worn wooden soles and generally being super chuffed, I decided to try them on.

But they would not go on kids. Oh no. They wouldn't.

My big fat elephant foot would go no further than the narrow part after the heel. No way. No how. I wedged. I pulled. I pushed. I yanked. I most certainly swore. Nope. And to think I was worried they might be too big!

My bargain boots, my beautiful, beautiful bargain boots were USELESS!

The Boy, startlingly, was un-phased. He told me I could always sell them on eBay, that the world would not end, and that there were other boots in the world?!

Boys just don't get it, do they?

I turned to the Internet, as I do in dire times of need, whether it is to ask how to make plain flour into self raising, convert lbs into something I might understand or ask how to stretch me some cowboy boots.

There are indeed ways, it seems, to stretch your pinching boots, but most of them *ahem* require you to be able to put your mammoth, gargantuan foot into the damn boots in the first place. There are magical stretching sprays, saddle soap, wet newspaper methods, various oils and unguents... none of which I happened to have handy on a Wednesday afternoon.

I was understandably desperate when I came across a piece of advice I doubted would work. It couldn't work. Could it?

Five minutes later I ran out into the lounge room on beautifully vintage cowboy boot clad feet. I presented my feet to The Boy, smiling madly.

"How did you get them on?" He asked, as that is obviously what I was expecting.

I smiled harder, clicked my heels together & admired my pretty tootsies.


"Sandwich bags!"
ETA: Gosh you've made me laugh this morning ladies, with questions like "What did you do with the sandwich bags?"
You've had me picturing all the possibilities that would have me using sandwich bags in an EVEN MORE unusual way to get those damn boots on! IE; Fill sandwich bags with sandwiches. Place sandwiches in the centre of a square piece of hessian, and wrap. Tie sandwich package with golden thread, and bury in the yard. Say magical boot stretching (or foot shrinking) incantation.
Dig up package. Remove sandwiches. Put sandwich bags on feet. Slip sandwich bag clad feet miraculously into boots. Jump for joy.
Let me tell you though - even on a hot day, sandwich bag clad feet in tight cowboy boots are not all that uncomfortable. The boots themselves are also surprisingly comfortable, once I've got them on!


  1. What did u do with the sandwich bags?

  2. I just goggled it, did you pull the bags off or leave them on? Terrific idea

  3. Oh wow!! You totally need a pair of cowboy boots! I'm so relieved the sandwich bags worked... did you put feet in slippery s/w bags then slip em in? do tell! and also tell if the boots were comfy once on!

  4. Well slap me sideways and call me Billy-Bob, sandwich bags you say ? You learn something new every day.

  5. I. am. speechless! (and also very extremely happy for you!)

  6. heheee, nice Ms Vic, nice. I like your ability to tackle even the simplest of problems & find the most weirdest solutions :)

  7. They are very very cool boots, I need to get me a pair of those.

    Sandwich Bags?

  8. I'll tell ya another secret for them there boots, pardner.
    Fill the tub with warm water and wiggle your feet in with the amazing sandwich bag trick and go stand in the tub. Then wear the suckers for a long time and be sure to oil them once you're out of the tub so they strreeeettttch and keep their lusture.
    with love from the lady with size 12 feet!

  9. Cathie - cheeky! ;)

    Amy - I did read that, but I also read that the water damages the integrity of the boots.....?

  10. Most impressive. Can you just see people walking around the boots department doing that?!!! ROFLOL Cherrie


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