Happy Birthday Little Brother!

Yup! I remembered! Not early enough to buy or send a present mind you (...or your Chrissie present for that matter...), but earlier than usual... and I made you a picture... like a preschool child would.... are you impressed...?! You're SO impressed. I can tell.

Have a great day Flukey!



  1. awwww, of course he is SO impressed! ♥

  2. lol Tas - The Punk has lots of Uncs actually... just this'un has the first birthday of the year... and I always, always, always forget. I actually have my blog to thank for remembering today! I signed in to see what was new & happened to see the date....

    Cathie - Mmmmm.... maybe. Maybe not. Me thinks he'd be more impressed with a birthday present... ;)


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