Chai Love

Oh I have gone CRAZY for chai tea lately, absolutely insane… I’ve been ordering it when out & about & guzzling it at home, even in place of my usually necessary morning cup of coffee. Just last night I was drooling over PICTURES of chai lattes with spices sprinkled jauntily on the top.

It. Is. So. Good.

I don’t know what brought on this madness, I just had a hankering out of nowhere & now I’m well & truly hooked. You may be disgusted to learn that I get my chai from happily dunking a teabag… is that sacrilege…?! I have grand plans of making it from scratch, but if you know me or have been hanging around here for any great amount of time, you’ll know I have many grand plans.

You know what I should do? Immerse myself in chai (oh – now THAT’S an idea! I was thinking more ‘surround myself in chai type things’ but a chai bath… oooooooh….). I should make Cathie’s scrummy looking chai cupcakes;


I should print this out & put it up someplace – it’s pretty damn cute & rather funny;


(The above is one reason why Googling random things like chai can be a grand idea… I now have me a wicked new blog with what seems to be a gazillion cartoons to read… Go. Look.)

I should find someone to make me some of these babies;


And I should drink a whole lot more…. mmmmmmm….. chai-a-licious (nudge, nudge Cathie, wink wink…)!


  1. Oh yeah, since I went to "fusion" festival in 2008 and drank that luscious brew there for the first time, my love for chai tea hasn't died.
    Everytime I drink it, it's kind of a reminder, a flash back to the gorgeous time I had there. I don't even have to close my eyes to get that feeling of inner peace and freedom again.

  2. helllllooo, I am sitting here waiting for you to come over to have chai & cupcakes!!!

  3. Oh yes, that reminds me, must put chai on the grocery list. Have you ever had chocolate chai? It's basically hot cocoa made with some chai, so freakin' good! I might make those cookies :) I'll let you know when they come out of the oven.

  4. *off to put the kettle on, again*

  5. lol I don't mind the chai we buy in cafes here... however Vic, and im not boasting about my travels, if you every get the chance to get to India - that is where the most amazing chai can be brought. And for less than 20c a cup from street stalls! Mind you its soooo sweet... and soooo spicy your head nearly pops off!!! I was naughty and attempted to smuggle a 250g chai spice package on my way home.... I got caught... oops lol

  6. Hah. Isn't it a bit like drinking non-alcohlic cider? Or caffeine-free coke?
    Seriously though, I really should try it some day; instead I just think of it as "hippy-tea-stuff" while sippping my triple shot espresso with an extra shot of espresso...

  7. ooh my fav bedtime treat, hot milk, spoonful chai mix, splash of rum, tsp honey mmmmmmm yum. Thanks for dropping by my blog good to meet you so to speak & lovin your adventures....rxx

  8. I was drinking chai when I read this, from a very large pot too.
    Apparently the difference between a really good chai and mediocre one is the cinnamon topping. I have been frequenting a place near me and the lady said she buys it at close to $50 per kilo!

  9. Mmmmmm.... Are you kidding?
    Well, I love tea. Anything tea.
    Mmm... Just bought me a new packet of chai tea (tea bags, though). Add milk to the cup of tea, and I'm done!

    Well, thanks for visiting my blog, and subscribing! I am reciprocating, for more fun blog updates. Love that chai recipe pic!


  10. My god that illustration is the cutest thing I've seeen it ages, It's so sweet, I love the how the pot goes WHEEE!

  11. It IS cute isn't it?! I like the spoon; Stir like the swedish chef!

  12. YUM chai spice cookies! Oh i'm def gonna make a batch of those and a batch of earl grey ones too which i discovered on the same page..YUMMO! thanks for the link!:)


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