Pulp Fiction.

If I could only watch one movie ever again, over & over, for the rest of my life, it would, I think, be Pulp Fiction. Apart from John Travolta looking scrummy as Vince, Samuel L Jackson exuding badass cool and the soundtrack being AMAZING, any movie that can spark such awesome as I’ve found here (click pics for links) is quite obviously a masterpiece….






What would you choose as your one & only, if you had to, like, if Samuel L was sipping your soda & pointing a gun at your head?


  1. Pretty in Pink ... no judgement!

  2. Oh this is hard, but I think I would have to say Dirty Dancing. xo
    PS hope you're OK?

  3. "Pulp Fiction" is great, no question, BUT...

    I would have to say "Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas", cause it has so many little details that you just spot more and more of them every time you watch it.

    AND... Johnny Depp. OH yeah.

  4. Oh Pulp Fiction is really up there on my list.

    I think I'd pick Harold and Maude if I had to just pick one.

  5. Love Pulp Fiction but, have to agree with willow and moo. Harold and Maude!

  6. Dumb and Dumber!! My brother always shakes his head at me when I go on about that movie....I actually studied film at uni! But I just.can't.help.it.

  7. For me, without a doubt Chocolat....
    so french, so delightful- like a fairytales for grown ups.
    howver love Pulp fiction also and that top art work is great.

  8. My 'net has carked it so I must reply here as opposed to email even though nobody may see it...!

    Jess - I'm all good hon, thankies. ;)

    Gabi - Johnnnnnnnny Depppppppppppp... I feel you - but if I had to pick one JD movie for always, I'm almost ashamed to say it would be Pirates.... I frikkin love him as Captain Jack... be still my beating heart! Mind you, I would have to specify that there would be definate fast forward action whenever Keira Knightly or Orlando Bloom were stinking up the screen....

    Sarah & Lola - *blushes* I have nae seen it... I think I should endeavour too, I trust y'all... ;)

    Selina.... Selina.... Selina.... lol

    Cath - I have nae seen that either, although I have wanted to... I've added it to my 'if I ever have the time to sit & watch a dvd again in my life, these are the things I shall watch' list.

  9. it would have to be either edward scissorhands, or empire records.
    both of which ive seen a billion times, but never get tired of <3

  10. One movie? For the rest of my life? Then it would have to be something funny or something inspiring, such as 'Fun with Dick & Jane, or the new 'Eat, Pray, Love'...


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