Podcasts – share your favourites!


…I beg of you! Nay, demand of you!

A couple of days ago I found The Boy’s neglected iPod (it was abandoned pretty much the day we got a car & he decided he was never going to walk anywhere, ever again…), I gave it to him a few years ago, when they were almost-new, for Christmas. That Christmas I got some weird little piece of plastic that looked like half a cigar, with the disclaimer; “The guy in the shop said it was just as good as an iPod…”. Huh. But I digress… that is a whole ‘nother post about how crap he is at presents…

ANYWHO, I backed up a gazillion photos onto it, transferred all my music onto it & downloaded some podcasts – just because I could, and I am in love. In love with the iPod (my plastic cigar was, I’m afraid, not ‘just as good’…), in love with having some tunes out in the craft room & in love with interesting & unexpected podcasts, although I was a bit disappointed with the craft ones I downloaded.


I ask you.

What are your favourite podcasts?! Do tell!

I downloaded Hamish & Andy, even though I try not to like them, because everybody likes them (yeah, I’m that person. Harry Potter, Twilight, Sex in the city, even Avatar… no interest whatsoever…), & damn they are funny. I was listening to them in bed before going to sleep & woke up The Boy with my poorly stifled giggles.

I also downloaded John Safran’s Sunday night show from JJJ, because I adore Father Bob, a little Stephen Fry, the 3AW breakfast show (those guys are so FAST!) & some random other stuff, but I need more, MORE!!!!


  1. http://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/mad-quilter/id281778632

    :) well not my favorite to listen to but i made it

    Tripe P parenting is good

    Sticks and strings I LOVE

    There are a lot of really good ones out there
    Craftcast, Craft sanity, caftypod, caston ...just to get you started ;)

  2. I have loads of free space on my ipod and I never think to do the pocasts..I will have to see what I can find and get back to you. :)

  3. I just clicked to see what the others have said! I listen to Hamish and Andy too, and yes, giggle. But haven't had much luck with random ones- which is probably why recommendations are good- I will check out Tracy's suggestions. Sorry I was NO help!

  4. i'm a big fan of bbc's radio 4: bbc.co.uk/radio4 . the dramas are often good and I also enjoy Women's Hour


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