Craft Swap – Here Comes The Sun! Signups CLOSED!

here comes the sun

So, we had a few days of sun here which, truly, has ruined me for the rest of winter. It is raining & pouring here today & I don’t like it, not one bit. Instead of cleaning up… or getting dressed… I have been sitting around trying to muster the energy to… do… something.

Just as the brief taste of spring had me energized & happy, this backwards slide into dismal winter has me sighing & hurumphing. I want something to look forward to, or something to occupy my mind until the sun’s warm rays see fit to favour us again…

I propose, a craft swap!

Theme: ‘Here Comes The Sun’; this could mean whatever you want it to – it could be a craft which incorporates an image of the sun, captures the spirit of spring or that will be handy to use in spring…

Craft: Whatever tickles your fancy. Whatever floats your boat. Whatever puts a smile on your dial… I do believe you get the picture. Something to herald the coming of spring for your swapee.

Time Limit: To be posted out September 1st – the first day of spring – woohoo!!!

Sign ups: From NOW. Leave me a comment here with your email – hopefully at least one of you wants to play so that I can make a little sumpin sumpin – and I shall assign partners… soonish… if there is more than two of us that is! Feel free to spread the sunshine, the word, the love….

**Signups closed**


  1. Hey I'm in for sure! I can't wait for more sunshine :)

  2. Sounds lovely! Count me in. Starting to hum, "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine..." ! Hope you're having a lovely day :)

  3. Just what I need - a big dose of sunshine - I'm in.

  4. yee har! count me in too!! captainplaknit@gmail.com. :)

  5. ooh yes count me in too! I can't wait for Spring

  6. In!!!

    Although we're almost at the end of the summer in September here ;). But sunny things can always be used, especially when the world turns grey outside.

    Oh yeah, my first swap! Hurray! Just stole a button for my blog :).

  7. oh fun! yeah I'm totally in! and I am totally over winter! my email is
    looking forward to it!

  8. Puts hand in air - it is so cold outside and there is this wind howling tonight - brrr - what fun.

  9. Oh count me in please!!
    and thank you, I'm now singing 'here comes the sun' a la georgie parker.
    lovely to have you back xox

  10. OH FUN! I LOVE SPRING! thanks Vic for spreading some spring time happiness!

  11. I can't resist, I'm in! So over the rain, bring on the sun!!

  12. oh no sign ups closed!! I'm much too late again...
    Have fun girls!!


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