More from my bedroom – God I love it in there now, I spent an hour or so reading in there yesterday afternoon after The Boy got home to occupy Le Punk & it was so nice for a change; it has been the case in the past that I avoided the room except to fall exhausted into bed at night, I kept the door shut even, so I wouldn’t have to look in there!


While mucking about in there on the weekend, I decided I needed shelves. I didn’t have any shelves though, and I am impatient, so when I found my red flip clock from Typo still in it’s box, and another box from one of the mugs I bought when I was there last, one of those cartoon light bulbs popped up over my head.


More shocking news – The Boy loves this too! And not in the “Yeah, it looks okay” kind of way, but in the “Oh. That looks pretty good!” kind of way. WIN. (Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd, a trip to Typo is in my imminent future…. excited much?!)


  1. That looks brilliant! I saw on Frankie magazine website that there is a tshirt design comp & thought of you - I will try and find it again and email it to you - from memory the prize is pretty good and I thought you would definately be a winner!

  2. very cool and definitely worth another visit!
    I feel the same about our bedroom, door stays shut & floordrobe keeps multiplying (no cupboards)
    oh yeah..loving the suitcases!!!

  3. cool idea. now don't go making it too cute in there or you might not want to leave your bedroom!

  4. The Boy's hormones must be kicking in. Is he nesting?

  5. Fantastic shelving idea. Cheap and easy...but oh so clever!


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